Gothenburg (Göteborg)
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The municipality of Gothenburg in the region of Västra Götaland
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Coat of arms of Gothenburg
CountrySweden Flag of Sweden.png
RegionVästra Götaland
Number of zones1173
Maximum PPH4264
Last updated2022-02-09

Gothenburg (Swedish: Göteborg) is a municipality in the region of Västra Götaland in Sweden. The municipality has about 586,400 inhabitants and is located in the provinces of Västergötland and Bohuslän.

The river Göta älv flows through the municipality.


The municipality is mainly located in the western parts of the province Västergötland while parts of Hisingen are located in southern Bohuslän. The river Göta älv flows through the municipality, while the river Nordre älv in the north forms the border to the municipality of Kungälv. To the west, Gothenburg borders the Kattegat.

Neighboring municipalities to the municipality of Gothenburg are Kungsbacka in Halland County, Mölndal and Härryda in the former Gothenburg and Bohus County in the south, Partille in former Gothenburg and Bohus County and Lerum in former Älvsborg County in the east and Ale in former Älvsborgs county and Kungälv in the former county of Gothenburg and Bohus in the north, to which Öckerö in the west also belonged.


There are 1173 turf zones in the municipality of Gothenburg, three of which are counted as winner zones, two water zones, one train station zone, seven monument zones, 37 holy zones, 50 bridge zones, five castle zones and five ruin zones.

The most taken zone is QueensPark which is located on Drottningtorget (Queen's Square) in central Gothenburg.

Year in parentheses indicates year of creation.

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