The municipality of Hamburg covers the entire region of Hamburg
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CountryGermany Flag of Germany.png
Number of zones1193
Maximum PPH1338
Last updated2021-12-29

Hamburg is a municipality in the region of Hamburg in northwestern Germany. The municipality encompasses the whole region and has about two million inhabitants.

Flag of Hamburg


Hamburg is located in the northern Germany on the lower reaches of the River Elbe, 110 kilometers up to the North Sea. Hamburg is located on the banks of the Alster and Bille estuaries. The city is divided by the Elbe, from Veddel to Finkenwerder on the south bank of the Elbe with St. Pauli and Altona on the north shore. Hamburg is connected by bridges and the Elbe tunnel and the New Elbe tunnel.

Adjacent municipalities are Kreis Pinneberg and Kreis Segeberg in the northwest, Storman and Kreis Herzogtum Lauenburg (Duchy of Lauenburg) in the east, all in the region of Schleswig-Holstein, Landkreis Harburg in the south and Landkreis Stade in the west, both in the region of Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony).


There are 1193 turf zones in the municipality of Hamburg, where one is counted as a world heritage site, three winner zones, 29 train station zones, one national park zone, 24 monument zones, 52 holy zones, one summit zone, 32 bridge zones, two castle zones and one ruin zone.

The most taken zone is HamburgHbf which is located on Hamburg Central Station.

Year in parentheses indicates year of creation.

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