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The municipality of Jomala in Finland
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Coat of arms of Jomala
CountryFinland Flag of Finland.png
RegionÅland Flag of Åland.png
Number of zones208
Maximum PPH528
Last updated2022-01-03

Jomala is a municipality in the region of Åland, an autonomous territory of Finland. It is with the population of 5,393 (March 31, 2021) the next largest municipality after Mariehamn, the capital of Åland.

The municipality is unilingually Swedish.

Mariehamn Airport is located in Jomala.

Åland's municipalities


Jomala is located on mainland Åland and borders the municipalities Hammarland in the west, Finström in the north, Lemland and Sund in the east and Mariehamn in the south.

Urban areas[edit]

The municipality's central town Prästgården forms part of the urban area Mariehamn. The other urban area within the municipality's boundaries is part of Godby, whose main part is within the neighboring municipality Finström.


There are 208 turf zones in Jomala, where eight are counted as winner zones, one holy zone and two ruin zones.

The most taken zone is Walkinge which is located at the supermarket Sparhallen, near the border to Mariehamn.

Year in parentheses indicates year of creation.

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