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The municipality Kaarina in Finland
St karins vapen.jpg
Kaarina's coat of arms
Number of zones55
Maximum PPH74
Last updated2021-01-14

Kaarina is town with a little bit over 30 000 inhabitants that can be found in the region of Lounais-Suomi (Southwestern Finland) in Finland. Kaarina is situated between the two most turf active towns of the region, Turku and Pargas.


There are 55 turfzones in Kaarina, where one is counted as a water zone, one as a monument, three as Holy zones, four are as Bridge zones and one as a ruin zone.

Zontyp03.png Water Zones[edit]

Zontyp06.png Monument Zones[edit]

Zontyp07.png Holy Zones[edit]

Zontyp09.png Bridge Zones[edit]

Zontyp11.png Ruins Zones[edit]

Other zones[edit]

Updated: 2021-01-14


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