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The municipality of Kiruna in the region of Norrbotten
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Coat of arms of Kiruna
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Number of zones134
Maximum PPH182
Last updated2021-10-19

Kiruna is a municipality in the region of Norrbotten in Sweden. The municipality has about 22,700 inhabitants and lies in its entirety in the province of Lapland.

It is the northernmost municipality in Sweden, and at 20,715 square kilometres (7,998 sq mi) is Sweden's geographically largest covering roughly 4.604% of its total area and the municipality has a similar area as Slovenia and Wales.

At Three-Country Cairn (Treriksröset), Sweden's northernmost point, the three countries Sweden, Norway and Finland meet.


The municipality comprises the northernmost part of the province of Lapland and borders in the east to Pajala municipality and in the south to Gällivare municipality, both in Norrbotten county.

In the west, the municipality borders the region of Nordnorge (northern Norway) with Narvik municipality in Nordland fylke, Bardu municipality, Målselv municipality and Storfjord municipality, all in Troms og Finnmark fylke in Norway.

To the north, the municipality borders the municipality of Enontekiö (Enontekis) in the regional association of Lapland in Finland. The border with Finland follows the Könkämä River and the Muonio River. From the northwest to the southeast, the Kalix River flows.

Urban areas[edit]

The urban area of Kiruna is the largest with approximately 16,400 inhabitants and constitutes the municipality's central city.

Other urban areas in the municipality are Jukkasjärvi, Karesuando, Kuttainen, Svappavaara, Tuolluvaara and Vittangi.


There are 134 turf zones in the municipality of Kiruna, nine of which are counted as train station zones, two nationalpark zones, one monument zone, eight holy zones, one summit zone and one bridge zone.

The most taken zone is KirunaSquare which is located at Vänortstorget in central Kiruna.

Year in parentheses indicates year of creation.

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