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The municipality of Lycksele in the region of Västerbotten
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Coat of arms of Lycksele
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Number of zones126
Maximum PPH147
Last updated2021-11-13

Lycksele is a municipality in the region of Västerbotten in Sweden. The municipality has about 12,300 inhabitants and lies in its entirety in the province of Lapland.

Lycksele municipality is located in the middle of a forest landscape and through the municipality flows the Ume River (in Swedish, Ume älv) and the Vindel River (in Swedish, Vindelälven).


The municipality is located in the middle of Västerbotten County, and borders the municipalities Bjurholm and Åsele in the south, Vilhelmina and Storuman in the west, Sorsele, Malå and Norsjö in the north and Vindeln in the east.

Urban areas[edit]

The urban area Lycksele is the largest with approximately 8,700 inhabitants and constitutes the municipality's central town. Other urban areas in the municipality are Hedlunda and Rusksele.


There are 126 turf zones in the municipality of Lycksele, one of which is counted as a water zone, one train station zone, one monument zone, seven holy zones and seven bridge zones.

The most taken zone is LyckseleTorg which is located on Torget in central Lycksele.

Year in parentheses indicates year of creation.

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Updated: 2021-11-13

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