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The municipality of Norrköping in the region of Östergötland
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Number of zones399
Maximum PPH1310
Last updated2022-02-17

Norrköping is a municipality in the region of Östergötland in Sweden. The municipality has about 144,100 inhabitants and is located for the most part in the province of Östergötland with a smaller part of Kvarsebo parish which is included in Södermanland.


The municipality of Norrköping has Bråviken and the Baltic Sea to the east. Adjacent municipalities are Söderköping in the south, Linköping in the southwest and Finspång in the northwest, all in Östergötland County and Katrineholm in the north and Nyköping in Södermanland County in the northeast.

Urban areas[edit]

The municipality's central town Norrköping is Östergötland's second city in terms of inhabitants, but still a large city in terms of Swedish conditions.

Other urban areas in the municipality are Berga, Djurön, Eksund, Graversfors, Herstadberg, Kimstad, Krokek, Kvarsebo, Lindö, Ljunga, Marbystrand, Norsholm, Simonstorp, Skärblacka, Svärtinge, Åby, Öbonäs and Östra Husby.


There are 399 turf zones in the municipality of Norrköping, seven of which are counted as winner zones, two water zones, three train station zones, three monument zones, 21 holy zones, 13 bridge zones, one castle zone and five ruin zones.

The most taken zone is NorrStation which is located at Norrköping Central Station in central Norrköping.

Year in parentheses indicates year of creation.

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