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The municipality of Ystad in the region of Skåne
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Coat of arms of Ystad
CountrySweden Sverige flagga.png
Number of zones105
Maximum PPH244
Last updated2022-01-12

Ystad is a municipality in the region of Skåne in Sweden. The municipality has approximately 31,500 inhabitants and is located in the province of Scania (in Swedish Skåne).


Ystad is located far south in Skåne on the south coast of Sweden. The municipality has the Baltic Sea in the south and borders the municipalities Simrishamn in the east, Tomelilla in the northeast, Sjöbo in the north and Skurup in the west.

Urban areas[edit]

The urban area Ystad is the municipality's central town. Other urban areas in the municipality are Glemmingebro, Hedeskoga, Köpingebro, Löderup, Nybrostrand, Rynge och Vallösa, Stora Herrestad, Svarte and Sövestad.


There are 105 turf zones in the municipality of Ystad, one of which is counted as a winner zone, one water zone, two train station zones, seven holy zones, one bridge zone and two ruin zones.

The most taken zone is SpainZone which is located at the station in central Ystad.

Year in parentheses indicates year of creation.

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