Points per hour

A zone's points per hour (PPH) is a number representing how many points you will get per hour when owning the zone. A zones PPH is indicated with a plus symbol in front of the number and can be seen by tapping on the zone in the map.

A zone gives its owner between 1 and 9 points per hour. When a zone is created the zonemaker creating it decides its PPH. Later when it's been taken a certain amount of times Fairy will adjust the zones PPH based on how often the zone is taken.

Points are awarded once a minute and the amount given to a player is calculated by taking the sum of all his/her zones PPH and dividing by 60. The amount of PPH a player is given can be seen next to the player's name on the highscore list (Fig. 1). Your own PPH is shown in the top left of the app (Fig. 2).

The PPH is related to the TP according to the formula: PPH=(200-TP)/15

Fig. 1: PPH per player in the highscore list.
Fig. 2: Your own PPH in the top lef.