(North Chungcheong)
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The region of Chungcheongbuk in South Korea
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CountrySouth Korea
Number of zones28
Maximum PPH29
Last updated2020-12-30

Chungcheongbuk (North Chungcheong) is one of 15 regions in South Korea and is a province in central South Korea with 1.5 million inhabitants.

Cheongju is the largest city and capital, with about 650 000 inhabitants.

Adjacent region er are Gangwon in the north, Gyeongsangbuk in the east, Jeollabuk in the south, Chungcheongnam and Daejeon in the west and Gyeonggi in the northwest.

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Geographical division[edit]


In Chungcheongbuk there are three municipalities with at least one turf zone:

Municipality Zones
Cheongju (청주시) 1
Cheongwon-gun (청원군) 5
Danyang-gun (단양군) 22


There are 28 turf zones in the region, one of which is counted as water zone and two counts as train station zones.

The most taken zone is 한국교원대학교 which is located at the Korea National University of Education, (which is also the name of the zone) in Cheongwon in the municipality of Cheongwon-gun.

Year in parentheses indicates year of creation.

Water zones[edit]

Train station zones[edit]

Other zones[edit]

Updated: 2020-12-30

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