The region of Hamburg in Germany
Hamburg vapen.png
Coat of arms
CountryGermany Tyskland flagga.png
Number of zones213
Maximum PPH213
Last updated2021-01-25

Hamburg, officially the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (German: Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg), is a region in northwestern Germany. The Region encompasses the city and bundesland with the same name and has about two million inhabitants.

Bordering regions are Schleswig-Holstein in the north and Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) in the south.

Flag of Hamburg

Geographical overview[edit]


In Hamburg, there is only one municipality that covers the entire region:

Municipality Zones
Hamburg 213

The list is updated according to the zones that existed on 2021-01-25.


See the muncipality article Hamburg for more information about turfzones in the regionen of Hamburg.

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