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The region of Ulsan in South Korea
Ulsan vapen.png
Seal of Ulsan
CountrySouth Korea
Number of zones81
Maximum PPH81
Last updated2021-01-01

Ulsan is one of 15 regions in South Korea. It is a large port and industrial city in the southeastern part of the country. Ulsan is one of South Korea's major cities (gwangyeoksi), and is an independent entity at about the same administrative level as the country's provinces. The population within the city limits amounts to about 1.1 million, of which a little more than 900 000 live in the central town itself.

Adjacent regions are Busan in the south, Gyeongsangnam in the southwest and Gyeongsangbuk in the north.

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Geographical division[edit]


In Ulsan there is one municipality with at least one turf zone:

Municipality Zones
Ulsan (울산) 81


There are 81 turf zones in the region.

Year in parentheses indicates year of creation.

Updated: 2021-01-01

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