Region:Yorkshire & The Humber

Yorkshire & The Humber
Yorkshire & The Humber.png
The region of Yorkshire & The Humber in England
CountryUnited Kingdom
Number of zones1303
Maximum PPH1353
Last updated2021-01-09

Yorkshire & The Humber is one of twelve regions in the United Kingdom. It comprises most of Yorkshire (the administrative areas of South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, East Riding of Yorkshire, Hull, North Yorkshire and the City of York), as well as North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire and has about five million inhabitants.

The largest city in the region is Leeds. Other major cities are Sheffield, Bradford, Hull, and York.

Adjacent regions are East Midlands in the south, North West England in the west and North East England in the north.

Geographical division[edit]


In the Yorkshire & The Humber there are eight municipalities with at least one turf zone:

Municipality Zones
East Riding of Yorkshire 13
Kingston upon Hull 135
North East Lincolnshire 25
North Lincolnshire 10
North Yorkshire 70
South Yorkshire 331
West Yorkshire 682
York 37


There are 1303 turf zones in the region, two of which is counted as World Heritage Sites, seven Water zones, 27 Train station zones, one National park zone, nine Monument zones, 122 Holy zones, 51 Bridge zones, two Castle zones and 19 Ruin zones.

Updated: 2021-01-09

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