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[[File:User takeover.png|frameless|right|150px|A player who has performed a takeover.]]
A '''takeover''', is a form of [[take]] and a game element in ''[[Turf]]'' that has been in the game since the first stages of development. A takeover can be seen as a change of ownership of a [[zone]] which yields the new owner of the zone [[points]]. A takeover can be performed by only one player per take of a zone, regardless of whether more players are present or not. If several players are present during a takeover, all players but the player who fills their [[takeover time]] first, perform an [[assist]], or assisted takeover. Several [[bonus]]es are directly or indirectly connected to takeovers in ''Turf''. A key characteristic of a takeover that differs from the other types is that the zone turns green for the player who did the takeover.
[[Category:Game elements]]
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