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'''Palestine''' (Arabic: فلسطين, romanized: ''Filasṭīn''), officially the '''State of Palestine''' (Arabic: دولة فلسطين, romanized: ''Dawlat Filasṭīn''), is a [[country]] in western [[Asia]] which has about 5 million inhabitants.

The capital is [ Ramallah]. However, the Palestinians consider [ East Jerusalem] as their capital. The largest city is [ Gaza City] and other major cities are [ Hebron] and [ Nablus].

The areas claimed by the Palestinian state are the [ Gaza Strip], the [ West Bank] and [ East Jerusalem]. The Gaza Strip borders the [ Mediterranean Sea] to the west, [[Country: Egypt|Egypt]] to the south and [[Country: Israel|Israel]] to the north and east. The West Bank borders [[Country: Jordan|Jordan]] to the east and Israel to the north, south and west.

[[File: Flag of Palestine.png|x120px|Flag of Palestine]]

== Zones ==
There are [ five] [[turf zones]] in the country all belonging to the same and only region, ''Palestine''. Four of these zones are counted as [[world heritage sites]] and one [[holy zone]].

Year in parentheses indicates year of creation.

=== [[File: Zontyp01.png|24px]] [[World Heritage Sites]] ===
* [[Zone: Battir|Battir]] ([[2015]])
* [[Zone: Jerusalem|Jerusalem]] ([[2015]])
* [[Zone: JesusChrist|JesusChrist]] ([[2015]])
* [[Zone: OldHebron|OldHebron]] ([[2018]])

=== [[File: Zontyp07.png|24px]] [[Holy zones]] ===
* [[Zone: DomeOfTheRock|DomeOfTheRock]] ([[2015]]) - The first [[turf zone]] in the country.

''Updated: 2022-01-28''

== Country specific medals ==
No country specific [[Medals#Country medals|medals]].

== External links ==
* [ Palestine (Wikipedia)]
* [ Map with all zones in Palestine marked]

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