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|name = MazarinCastle
|image = [[Image: MazarinCastle.jpg‎|300px]]
|imagetext = Linköping Castle, December [[2012]]
|symbol = [[File: Zontyp02.png|60px]]
|symboltext = [[Winner zone]]
|difficulty = [[File: Difficulty1.png|90px]]
|location = [[Municipality: Linköping|Linköping]], [[Region: Östergötland|Östergötland]], [[Country: Sweden|Sweden]]
|surface = [[Paving stone]]
|created = 2012-12-04
|trivia = [[User: Mazarin|Mazarin's]] [[winner zone]] [[Turf on the map|globally]] and in [[Country: Sweden|Sweden]] [[round 29]].

'''MazarinCastle''' is a [[turf zone]] in the [[municipality]] of [[Municipality: Linköping|Linköping]] in the [[region]] of [[Region: Östergötland|Östergötland]] in [[Country: Sweden|Sweden]] and is counted as a [[winner zone]].

== Placement ==
This [[winner zone]] is located in the outer courtyard in front of [ Linköping Castle], in central [[Linköping]].

The zone is located along the cycle route [ Sverigeleden].

== Nearby zones ==
* [[Zone: MazarinSquare|MazarinSquare]] [[File: Zontyp02.png|18px]] (to the north)
* [[Zone: Domparken|Domparken]] [[File: Zontyp07.png|18px]] (to the northeast)
* [[Zone: FolkeFilbyter|FolkeFilbyter]] [[File: Zontyp06.png|18px]] (to the east)
* [[Zone: GulaLejonet|GulaLejonet]] (to the south)
* [[Zone: Ohzone|Ohzone]] (to the south-southwest)
* [[Zone: Watertower|Watertower]] (to the west-southwest)
* [[Zone: VästÖstgöta|VästÖstgöta]] (to the west)
* [[Zone: Hunnecross|Hunnecross]] (to the northwest)

== Gallery ==
<gallery mode="packed" heights=220px>
MazarinCastle2.jpg|Linköping Castle, April [[2013]]
Zon MazarinCastle-05.jpg|Linköping Cathedral seen from the zone. Photo: [[User: Jockatim|Jockatim]]
<gallery mode="packed" heights=240px>
MazarinCastle_ZT.png|First take of the zone
MazarinCastle_ZoneBlocked.jpg|Zone blocked!

== External links ==
* [ MazarinCastle (Warded)]
* [ Linköping Castle (Wikipedia)]

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