Monument zones

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'''Monument zones''' are [[zones]] were you can find public sculptures or artworks to celebrate or remember an event or person, that are of great importance to many people for cultural or historical reasons. In ''[[Turf]]'', a monument zone is a [[zone]] located next to the monument.
There are [ 10111269] monument zones in the world and most are in the [[Country: SwedenUnited Kingdom|SwedenUnited Kingdom]] ([ 373452]), followed by the [[Country: United KingdomSweden|United KingdomSweden]] ([ 299396]) and [[Country: Germany|Germany]] ([ 108147]).
The most taken monument zone is [[Zone: Aseaströmmen|Aseaströmmen]], located in the [[municipality]] of [[Municipality: Västerås|Västerås]] in the [[region]] of [[Region: Västmanland|Västmanland]] in [[Country: Sweden|Sweden]].
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