Takeover time

A screenshot showing the time remaining before takeover bar.
When taking a zone a bar appears at the left of the screen indicating the time remaining before takeover.

A turfer's takeover time is the number of seconds he/she has to stand inside a zone in order to take it.

The takeover time varies between 18 and 30 seconds based on the player's rank. The takeover time starts at 30 seconds for new players (rank 0) and goes down by 0.2 seconds per rank down to a minimal of 18 seconds for a player with rank 60. If a player is is possession of the Regionlord title the player gets 5 seconds shorter takeover time and/or if he/she has GPS-bonus an additional 5 seconds is deducted from the takeover time. The shortest possible takeover time is therefore 8 seconds for a player with the rank 60 and 20 seconds for new players.