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A take, is a game element in Turf that has been in the game since the first stages of development. There are several forms of takes in the game, assists, takeovers and revisits. A take can be seen as a change of ownership of a zone which yields the new owner of the zone points. The definition does not apply to revisits, as no change of ownership of a zone occurs here. If several players are present during a take, all players but the leader perform an assist, and the leader performs a takeover.


A take takes place when a player is physically present in a zone which is not currently blocked after the takeover time has expired. This is characterized by a green staple gradually being filled on the left in the game window. After the staple has been filled completely a notification is displayed with information about the zone and the take performed. Depending on the type of take different things happen when the take has been performed.



A player who completed a takeover.

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A takeover is a form of take where a player claims ownership of a zone from another player or a neutral zone. This is characterized by the zone turning green for the player performing the takeover when it is completed. A takeover yields 100% of the takeover points and then provides a constant income of points per hour afterwards, as long as the zone is not taken by another player or the round ends.


A player who has performed an assisted takeover, or assist.

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An assist, or assisted take is a form of take that occurs when several players are present in a zone during a take. An assist applies to all players in the zone except for the player who performs the takeover or the revisit (completing the takeover time first). An assist yields the takeover points of the zone but does not yield the points per hour associated with the zone. An assist does not give the assisting player ownership of the zone, but counts as a unique takeover if applicable and counts when striving for certain medals.


The medal Revisitor

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Revisit is a type of take that takes place when a player performs a take of a zone which was previously owned by the same player. A revisit differs from a takeover in the sense that it only yields half the amount of takeover points associated with the zone. A return visit to a zone can only take place every 23 hours, and is always followed by a block time of five minutes.

Takeover notification[edit]

When a player performs a takeover, assist or revisit, a notification is displayed with basic information of the zone that has been taken, such as: Name, takeover points, points per hour, current owner (or assisting player) of the zone and the previous owner.