Third party development

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This page will contain all information regarding third-party development related to Turf.


Those who want to develop their own applications or tools based on data from the game should take a look at the Turf API.

Chat rooms[edit]

If you are interested in third party development there are some places you can visit if you want to discuss with likeminded, you can visit the forums or you can join the facebookgroup.

Third Party Tools[edit]

  • TurfWidget - Androidwidget, displays information about points, PPH, etc.
  • Lagturf - Website, provides features for team play to the game.
  • Lagturfwidget - Widget to see how your team is placed in Lagturf (currently Skåne-Stockholm, more features will be added).
  • Turf Signatures - Personal statistics in the form of a small image for instance to add to ones signature in the forum.
  • Turfleague - Turf divided into divisions. Optional of course.
  • Turf Map Tool - Save zones as KML-files. You can open the KML-files with a map application and Turf using Pro mode to reduce data usage.
  • Turf Tuner - All the turf chats on the web, only read.
  • Turf Notify - Android app; sends you a message when you or some of your friends take or lose a zone.
  • iTurfNotify - iPhone app for checking your friends score, unfortunately no notifications.
  • TurfAOI - A map to show which part of the city you control. The page translates the zones to graphic areas that you control.
  • TurfDivisions - Turf divided into divisions. Optional of course.
  • Turf Session Tool - A webpage that presents information and statistics for warded sessions
  • Turf User Statistics - A mobile app that shows statistics for a specified user.
  • Unique turfers - Tool to find unique turfers.