The toplist during a game round.

A toplist is a game element in Turf that ranks players after their current round points based on region, country or global. There is an separate series of toplists, the league game, were players play at rising in the league divided in ten divisions.


The toplists shows the players round points in descending order based on what country and region they belong to, the so called home region and home country. There is also a global toplist that ranks all players in the world in descending order.

Home region and Home country[edit]

A players home region is the region the player has taken most zones in during the round. Same thing applies for home country. A player can have his home region in a different country than his home country. Home region should not be mixed with chat region, that changes as soon as the player takes a zone in new region.


If a player ends up as number one in his region (granted there are 5 or more active players in the region), he will win the region medal. If the player ends up as number one in his country (granted there are 30 or more active players in the country), he will win the country medal. If a player manages to place himself top 3 on the global list, he will win the bronze medal, silver medal or gold medal.

Winner zone[edit]

If a players ends up as number one on either the global list or country (official Turf country) list. He will recieve his own winner zone that can be placed in an suitable place of his choosing in his home country (the country where the player took the most zones in during the round).

Turf Insider[edit]

If you end up as top 3 on the global list you will also be mentioned in the monthly news letter Turf insider.