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Turf08's logotype
TypeTurf association
IntroducedOctober 13, 2014


The membership fee is currently 60 SEK (Oct. 2021).
Enter name, nickname and email address.
Email medlem@turf08.se if it is the case that the space in the message field is not enough. Please also enter the telephone number you swish from!

Turf08 is a local society for turfers in Stockholm county. The society was founded on October 13, 2014 at a meeting on Hagagatan 23 in Stockholm. KeepOnWalking was elected chairperson and she was re-elected on the society's first regular annual meeting on March 18, 2015.


The first event arranged by Turf08 was an on-foot event in Vinterviken. The number of members reached 50 in April 2015. A bike tinkering evening was held in May 2015. The board of the society took care of many of the practical arrangements of the Turf Bonanza 2015.

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