Turf Award Nominations 2018

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Turf Award nominations for 2018 a total of 57 suggestions were reduced to five in each category.

Best Turf achievement of the year 2018[edit]

  • Király ---- Nominated for his incredible turf performance by having taken 4 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze in 2018 and thereby achieved very high rank in a short time
  • MrJokerit ---- Nominated for having taken a gold medal and achieved Greed 929, of which 500 unique zones were taken during a "crazy" tourist vacation in Tokyo where he was filmed by Japanese TV.
  • Bont ---- Nominated for his insatiable fighting spirit regardless of the weather and for having, among other things, taken 2 gold, several regional medals and beaten world record in number of Staminatrix
  • Kygni ---- Nominated for having taken a gold medal by, among other things, conquering 750 unique zones in a number of different cities.
  • Recycling ---- nominated for taking the fastest Eager Ferret medal (5 min 11 sec), having taken 973 event zones by cycling 24 hours in a row in Kalmar 24 h and having won five regional medals in five different regions.

The Turf Star of the Year 2018[edit]

  • Ghost63_Ume ---- Nominated for taking the first zone in mid-May and then achieving to rank 44 Turf Hero in 2018 and by straight victories climbed from league 10 to league 3.
  • MrsMars ---- Nominated for after five years as an "Turf-widow" have embraced Turf in 2018 and get along with two events and taking Insomnia, Take-7500, Unika-500 and Staminator.
  • MaXi ---- nominated then he as newbie in Turf and newly moved to Falun in September have taken Falun's first bronze medal ever.
  • M0112 ---- Nominated because he as a beginner immediately placed himself as top-10 and took two Finland's wins during his first two rounds.
  • Lindhardt ---- Nominated then he for a short period of time become a natural part of Gothenburgs cityturfers and increased from newbie to rank 42 in Aug-Dec 2018.

The Turfer of the Year 2018[edit]

  • SunYour ----- Nominated because he has given all Turfers more motivation and goals to reach with their mission spirals and letter rally spread throughout Sweden and Åland.
  • JKJE ----- Nominated for being inventive, helpful and a good turf colleague and because he excellently promotes Turf on his trips around the world.
  • HappyF ---- Nominated for his burning interest and great commitment to Turf by, among other things, building the excellent statistics page turf.lundkvist.com
  • Calmare1 ---- Nominated for his great nationwide commitment to schoolturf by helping sports teachers around the country to allow school students to learn Turf during sports hours and orientation days.
  • TXL ---- Nominated for his great involvement in Turf Skåne, where he inspires and is full of enthusiasm. Have arranged An Classic Scania and has organized the Turfathlon & Malmö Championship.

Most spectacular zone take over of the Year[edit]

  • Florence and Entertainer ----- Nominated to have paddled along the far end of the Stockholm archipelago with a definite goal to take the FarEast zone, which is a big achievement and shows turf-related devotion. They also took the FarWest zone during the same round.
  • ZoneBanger ---- Nominated for wading over the Öre river in Västerbotten to take one of Sweden's most difficult zones - BjurPåVatten.
  • Kygni ---- Nominated for having, after winning the September round, organized so that the participants at the subsequent turf meeting could accompany him to get the FTT on his winning zone Kygni99. It became an assist with 10 people.
  • Embeoo ---- Nominated for actually taking a zone from an aircraft. The zone HagöBeach was taken during a flight Arlanda-Schiphol on Oct 19, 2018.
  • Hylaeus and HogSquare ---- who are Uppland's ambassadors and enthusiasts within Turf are nominated for having taken the zone SeaKnight together. They showed the Stockholm turfers that the zone could be taken after which there was a que to the zone.
  • UtiVårHage ---- Nominated due have taken and celebrated his second winning zone KossanPark together with several other Åland Turfers during the Christmas days and drinking champagne in the zone.