Turf Award Nominations 2020

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Turf Award Nominations for 2020.

Turf Performance of the Year 2020[edit]

  • Bont ---- Nominated for having an average of over 400 takes per day during an entire round having taken 11,249 takes and won a gold medal in October. The average “saddle time” was 12 hours and 12 minutes/day.
  • féarglas ---- Nominated for her amazing silvermedals and that she managed to stay in the world top for several rounds.
  • M0112 ---- Nominated for having managed to take 7 top 10 places on the world list in 2020 which is a very high and even achievement. No other turfer took more top 10 places during the year.
  • schnappi.jr ---- Only 9 years old - is nominated for winning the regional medal in Dalarna with 689.360 points in June. During the same round, he won the staminatrix medal and ended up in 7th place in world list.
  • recycling ---- Nominated for having conquered all 21 regions in Sweden in a row in one and the same month. The reward was the medal Sweden Explorer.

Turf Star of the Year 2020[edit]

  • féarglas ---- Nominated because she – from having never been turfing before – went straight into the top 10 on the world list in August and stayed there for the rest of the year. In November and December she received silver medals.
  • Cykeltalibanen ---- Nominated for having started turfing in April and during the year achieve rank 45 Turf Elder by taking a total of 20.550 takes and almost 3 million points.
  • fotominne ---- Nominated for having started turfing in May and gradually worked his way up on the region Uppsala´s list where he took the Region medal in December. He took 19.637 takes during his first year and was a strong contributor to the region Uppsala´s victory in Sverigekampen as an assistant coach.
  • grimric ---- Nominated for having won the bronze medal as a beginner and take the Staminatrix medal in August with just over 1.1 million points only four months after he started turfing.
  • Nybegynner ---- Nominated for quickly becoming “turf king of Norway” by from the debut on April 25 having taken 11.127 takes and won 4 Country medals and 5 Region medals in 2020.

Turfer of the Year 2020[edit]

  • féarglas ---- Nominated for her fantastic efforts in radio and international television to spread Turf throught the UK. She clearly wanted to spread the joy of something she seems to love. She has been awarded the Heavy Expandator medal for her efforts.
  • ESOCWalter ---- Nominated for his drive for Turf within the Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club (ESOC) when it comes to starting turf, organizing competitions and maintain regular group chats. He has written articles about Turf that have been published in orienteering magazines.
  • Calmare1 ---- Nominated for all his fighting spirit to help P.E.-teachers around Sweden to get started with school turf for their students, both earlier, but especially during this Covid year 2020.
  • Munin ---- Nominated for her impressive breadth as well as depth in persistently written “turf insider” in the monthly letters.
  • Kingslayer ---- Nominated for having been the Turf contact for Scotland, always enthusiastic, helpful, friendly and supportive. Has created many zones and been generous with his time and spirit. He is known to all Scottish Turfers because he is in the centre of our Turf world.

Most Spectacular Zone Takeover of the Year 2020[edit]

  • MajesticGriffo ---- Nominated for having persuaded a border police to take a zone within a closed area in Lappi, Finland. With charm, charisma and good attitude, you can go a long way. The border police listened to the turfers explanation, sighed, laughed and waved him inside the barrier.
  • ESOCWalter ---- Nominated for having taken the difficult zone IslandIsland in Edinburgh.
  • Entertainer and Florence ---- Nominated for having taken the SweHeaps zone at Svenska Högarna, which required five days of paddling in Stockholm's outer archipelago. A truly impressive and inspiring TurfTour!
  • Annina / peterspirea / Pancosmic and RiddervanMyyl ----
    Nominated for having received the first take on the zone SoggySäby. They thought they would wade in a swamp with mud up to their knees, but instead they ended up on sinking floating islands and swimming trips in the mosquito-larvae-filled stinking mud. Most turfers had turned around but they stubbornly continued while seeing death in the white eye.