Turf Map Tool

Turf Map Tool can be found here.


Turf Map Tool (previous Turf KML Generator) was originally created to offer an alternative for those who want to Turf with minimal data traffic usage, eg in foreign mobile network. By using a map app that supports offline maps, there won't be any problem to Turf in places where you do not know the geography without consuming more data traffic than in "pro mode."

  • Turf app running in "pro mode" so that no map data is downloaded.
  • It navigates its way in a map app that supports offline maps.
  • The zones are preloaded into the map app as POIs.

Key Functionality[edit]

  • Highlight areas of the map and download zones as a KML file for import into Google Maps or other mapping software.
  • Count the number of selected zones and see the average TP and PPH for all areas of the zones.
  • See details on individual zones: Name, TP (Takeover Points), PPH (points per hour), creation date, number of takes per day.
  • Google Street View, where available.
  • Link from zone info to the zone on www.turfgame.com and Warded
  • Show all zones for specific regions.
  • Search for specific zones through the zone name.
  • Measure the distance between the zones and the routes and export route to GPX file.
  • Display zones created within a specific date range (eg, check this week's new zones or how it looked a year ago).
  • Download zones simple text files with lat, lng or zone name.