Turf insider April 2014

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Results of round 45[edit]

Yet again we saw a thrilling and exciting round of Turf! But round 45 was unique in another way: all three medalists came from the same province in Sweden, namely Småland. Funny thing is, they're competing in three different regions! Sune of the Kalmar region went all in for the gold, landing at an amazing 888000 points. His second gold and his fifth medal to that! Amazing work, congrats! In second place we find Toubkal from Jönköping with 768000 points, his second silver and fourth medal in total. A great finish from Toubkal, until last wednesday he was at third place, but he managed to slip by xaldin6497 who ended up with the bronze. xaldin6497, who was in the lead for quite some time is a relative newcomer to Turf and scored a very nice 746000 points and got his first medal as a reward. In fourth place we find Snusmumriken, as always lurking around the top and in fifth place Eskimonika from Örebro. A big congrats to the medalists and to the other top turfers of this ro und! :-)

Bonanza in Stockholm, 7th of June![edit]

Preperations for the BONANZA! is now well under way and it's indeed a lot of preparing to be made! Locations have been scouted, restaurants and hotels have been notified of the arrival of many, many turfers, sponsors are being chased around for prizes as we speak.. :-) In conclusion, the crew is on top of things by now - the picture of the perfect BONANZA! is slowly taking form in front of us. We can guarantee that on the 7th of June we will deliver a very nice experience for all of those attending. If you haven't signed up already, go do it right away!

We're expecting quite many to show up at this event, so there will actually be two heats. The first heat is free of charge and very suitable for those who like to use Turf for exercise and fun. The second heat will be the actual Bonanza, containg the highly sought after Bonanza medals in Gold, Silver and Bronze and is the heat for those who will spend many weeks to prepare to win ;-) Both heats will award the Bonanza Participator medal and will have nice prizes. Regardless of which heat you will be in (you cant be in both), there will be a lot of fun times, meeting new people, talking Turf and of course the gala dinner at The Flying Horse which is the local Stockholm turfers prefered joint for Turf meetings.. I'm hoping to meet you there! :-)

Head over to the forum for more information and sign up: Bonanza sign up and info

Many other events are popping up as well! A last reminder of the the Borlänge Turf Open, taking place on the 26th of April, hurry to sign up! Not a bad way to warm up before the Bonanza and you can sign up by sending an email to turfdalarna@gmail.com

In Gothenburg, GBG Turfers invites everyone to the first Göteborg Turf Open Event. Taking place on May 10th. For more information click Gothenburg Open

Umeå is hosting an Open Turf Event in the midnight sun on June 14th. For more information, see Midnight Classic

And last, but definitely no the least, Kalmar will host an open event on August 30th. Visit Turf Champinship 2014 for further information!

Happy turfing and don't forget to make a small detour for that extra zone!

Blabert, Sweden