Turf insider April 2016

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Winners of March 2016[edit]

First off, lets congratulate the last round's winners! At third place we find the veteran medalist kingenin from Kalmar who adds another bronze medal to her great collection by taking 3 940 zones and collecting 570 488 points. At second place the turfer aivar from the region of Stockholm grabbed the silver medal by taking 3 893 zones (very close to kingenin's takeovers) and gathering 691 875 points. This is aivar's first podium medal! At first place we spot Björke from Östergötland who took 5 219 zones, quite a bit more than anyone else this round and therefore collected 938 323 points! This is also Björke's first gold medal! Give it up for these three epic turfers!

Bonanza 2016[edit]

The Bonanza of 2016 is closing in, less than two months left now! If you're interested in participating in Turfs biggest event, you can do so by clicking this link which will take you to the official page (Swedish) or this link which will take you directly to the registration form (also in Swedish), information in English can be found by clicking this link. There are already more than 130 turfers registered to the event so it will probably be the biggest Bonanza ever! You can find your upcoming competitors here. Remember that if you want this years Bonanza t-shirt you will have to order it through the form on May 1st at the very latest. If you want to attend the banquet, the last day of registeri ng is May 13th.

Active start[edit]

Yesterday was the most active day in the history of Turf! A whopping 44 287 zones were taken and it was also the most active round start ever! Great job everyone. It shows that Turf is constantly expanding with no sign of diminishing interest from you guys. If you missed out on this and want to have a look of what it looked like, there's a nice screenshot on the Turf Crew Instagram account!

Beautiful zones[edit]

There's a word in Swedish; Skogstokig. The exact word for word translation is forest crazy, however it doesn't have much to do with being crazy in forests or nature, it simply means that someone goes berzerker mad. I have on the other hand become a bit crazy in the forests I have access to in my region, and there are quite a few zones in them. So far I've been turfing together with another turfer so I let that person take the zones but I plan on returning, bringing some sausages for barbecuing over the open fire and I'm planning on tagging a few photos on Instagram which I've started using. The most popular tag for Turf photos is #turfgame and can be used in other social medias as well. I'd love to see some cool nature zones from other regions as well, so why not stop for a second and take that nice photo and show it to your fellow turfers!

See you in June!

//StarDust, Sweden