Turf insider April 2017

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Last round result

If round 80 was a close one with just 100 000 points between first and third place, round 81 was even more exciting. At the end of the day, only 70 000 points differed between SJ who took a second gold medal and AndyChain, who reached his first of the noble medals, adding a bronze medal to the collection. Between them, as first runner-up, we find TXL. The billiard playing turf champion who adds another silver medal to his great collection. SJ took an early lead this round and was able to keep it all the way out, early in this round he was challenged by Jolly_Bob from my old home town Karlstad. But after catching a classic mancold, Jolly_Bob was unable to get ba ck to the fight and had to settle with 5th place. Instead TXL, AndyChain and Björke joined the chase. After some time, Björke had to leave the battle for top 3 and for now settle with just 5 round medals from earlier. The battle between the silver and bronze medal went on between TXL and AndyChain for the entire round. Finally only 20 000 points differed between the two fighters. Thanks for the excitement and great work everyone!

Ongoing Have you noticed some updates on warded? At least I have ... The map of unique zones, which you find by clicking on your nickname after logging in, now includes revisits. My most visited zone earlier had a nice number of 1337, a number which I intended to keep for as long as possible. For the last 3 months I even avoided to visit the zone. But now after the update, the number has increased to 1348. Bummer.

Within Turf Crew we are having a discussion regarding possible benefits for being a supporter now when Turf League is open for everyone. One idea of many is a possibility to customize your avatar in the game, sound like something you would like to see? Speak your mind and give us other suggestions in the forums.

Bonanza Have you registered yet? Unfortunately I will not be able to participate this year so now is your chance for victory! JkpgTurfs marketing crew with MadMajk at the wheel are doing their very best to spread the information. I'm absolutely sure that it will be a Bonanza to remember so you won't want to miss it.

The time to order their cool T-shirts will soon be out but there is still time, 10th of April is the last day if you want to buy the exclusive T-shirt or participate in the Bonanza Banquet. You can participate in the Bonanza without registering your participation but to help the JkpgTurfs event crew a heads-up is always welcome. Check out the registration form HERE.

See you zoon!

// Maqqan