Turf insider August 2014

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HOT Hot hot[edit]

The weather has been most impressive this summer boasting temperatures far over the average in most parts of Europe. Some impressive thunderstorms have also passed through our Turfs but mostly the sun has been the big problem this month. The extreme heat has forced many turfers to bring some extra fluids on their walks and bike rides, and if you haven't I urge you to do so. It's important to rehydrate! However, turfers don't give up easily. The previous months have shown us that the turf pro's can break the one million barrier in one round, this hasn't happened this round but pedlan from Umeå came really close with 970 977 points at the end of the round. pedlan managed to do this with 6 294 takeovers, earning 154 points per take. This is on par with Loafs 153 points per take when he was the first to break the one million barrier.

KarinAlfrida snatched the second place with 801 430 points in Linköping and on the last step of the podium we find a fairly new turfer by the name of svenlov. svenlov grabbed the bronze medal by doing 3 235 takeovers and earning 584 160 points. It will be interesting to see if this might have been a warmup for an attempt on the gold medal.

Worth noting are the fourth and fifth place where the fourth place turfer Jomii from Karlstad was only 40 000 points after svenlov, a great effort there! Fifth place went to Eskimonika with slightly over 442 000 points.

Great job and congratulations!

Hot zones[edit]

One can also see that summer vacation has been on many peoples minds. The worlds most popular zones located in Västerås decreased by about 200 takeovers and a new zone topped the takeover list. The seemingly inconspicuous zone AdviseHouse located right in the middle of Umeå took the lead this round with 420 takeovers, just five over the popular BigTZone in Västerås. The summer is also when most unique zones are grabbed. If you want to tell us about your favorite zones during the summer, why not do so through a blog. If you have a turf blog, don't hesitate to sign it up here and we will put it up on turfgame.com

Cold Testing The pre-alpha testing has been going on within the turf crew for a while now and old and new bugs have been crushed under the programmers coffee mugs. There is progress but perhaps somewhat slower since it's summer and even the developers and crew needs a break from their second pro bono job. When the summer comes to and end, I promise I'll personally whip them back into shape!

Coming up In just a few days, namely on August 9th, the event Turf Open Jönköping will kick off. The entire town will be filled with all sorts of activities since TOJ 2014 is an official part of the Jönköpingsfesten which is organized by the municipality of Jönköping together with corporate and club sponsors. More information about the entire weekend here: jonkopingsfesten.se

TOJ 2014 will also introduce the ability to compete in teams of three. This is done by adding the individual points at the end of a round. More information on TOJ 2014 and teams here: forum.turfgame.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=3988

On August 30th we have an exciting even in Kalmar, Turf Championship Kalmar 2014! When writing this, their webpage boasts of already having 94 turfers registered to the event. Don't hesitate to visit their page to read all about it (in Swedish): kalmarturf.se/

In conclusion It's been a hot month and I hope most of you have had time to enjoy it. August is here and that means back to work or school for most people, but don't forget that there is a whole community here that lovesd to have a coffee or BBQ together once in a while. Perhaps you can find new friends with the local chat in the game to share you summer experinces with. Till next time...

//StarDust, Sweden