Turf insider August 2016

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July winners[edit]

Let's give a round of applause to the following top three turfers of the last round. They are, at third place, stinabus with 820 395 points and 4 902 takeovers. Congratulations to your first round medal! At second place, the multiple medalist GW007 with 855 615 points and 5 515 takeovers. And finally, at first place, previously a holder of a bronze medal but now also a gold medal Rusdryck. Well done everyone!


July has come to an end, many are returning to work and in a few weeks many pupils and students will return to school. The tedious hamster wheel of life continues to drag on. But so does Turf! A lot of people find it invigorating to take a few zones to and from work or school, and why not? It's a great way to get that little extra work out. I've had 15 minute bike rides become one hour long (of course I left home earlier) and felt the chilly autumn air snap me out of the zombie like state during the morning. But enough talk about autumn and cold days, there are plenty of hot summer days to enjoy, lazy late afternoons which are perfect for a walk or a drive and naturally, a few zones!


There aren't many public events going on right now, TOJ - Turf Open Jönköping was the last one and now it looks pretty empty in the calender. Did you know that you can create your own events? They can be public or private depending on if you just want your friends to participate or if you want to start a cool event that perhaps becomes and awesome tradition in your town! If you're interested in creating an event, just drop an e-mail to this address: events@turfgame.com

I'd like to finish this letter off by saying, welcome to the 74th round! Happy Turfgames, and may the odds ever be in your favor ;)

StarDust, Sweden