Turf insider December 2014

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Color swappers[edit]

We are well into December now, the round ended on the 7th of December, technically the latest a round can end in a month since we always end on the first Sunday. This round was also a five week round, probably the greyest round in Turf history. I heard on the news at the end of November that Stockholm had a total of about 3 hours of sun during the entire month and that really showed. But that didn't stop us turfers, with magicshines and reflector vests we ventured out into the darkness and took those zones, because they just have to be green! Am I right? :)

So, who were the best color swappers of this round? Well, the second runner up was the three time region winner and now proud owner of a bronze medal; ABECE with 706 326 points! First runner up was dekatomas who climbed up one step and earned nearly 200 000 more points than the last round. dekatomas managed to collect a total of 804 408 points! But the winner of the 53rd round was tremorbalk, who has previously snatched the silver medal but now has a gold medal on display as well! tremorbalk collected an impressive 1 013 456 points! Congratulations all of you!

As usual I like to add some stats worth mentioning, this month it's about the two who placed fourth and fifth, TriggerHappy and Florenskan from Uppsala. They managed to beat the total takes of both the second and first runners up of this round, by quite a lot! TriggerHappy and Florenskan had 4 260 and 4 012 takes respectively compared to ABECE's and dekatomas' 3 686 and 3 890 takes! So, what does this mean? Harder to keep zones in larger towns? Unfair distribution of takepoints compared to players? Poetic justice since they have so many zones in Uppsala? I'll leave that for you guys to discuss at forum.turfgame.comforum.turfgame.com!

What's happening[edit]

Another part of this news letter is naturally the upcoming events! The Turf boomtown Västerås is holding their annual "Lusseturf" on December the 13th between 11-13. Entry is absolutely free but if you want to be able to win the cool sponsored prizes and get some glögg and gingerbread cookies the fee on site is 60 kr. More info here: https://forum.turfgame.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=4186 and their official video is right here: http://youtu.be/ie_WP2JLpXo

Other news[edit]

In other news, I can inform you guys who don't read the main page (www.turfgame.com) or the news fansite turf24.se that the supporter app has been taken down from Google Play. This also results in that no updates will be released on this specific version so for you people who have it, it's time to get the standard version.

Does this mean that we don't need any money run the servers, that we have gotten a secret billionaire to sponsor us? Unfortunately not, this step means that more development time can be focused on the two apps (Android and Apple) instead of three, we still need some sponsor money. You can donate at turfgame.com/supporter, it will give you a cool S on your turf guy and cool stats features in the app! As I've heard it, the upgrade is nearly instant, pretty cool! You can also donate money and build up to certain piggy medals here!

Winter is coming (yes, I said it), but it's not quite here yet, fortunately, at least for the most part of the Turf world. Christmas is just around the corner Studded tires for your car is common practice in Norway and Sweden (not sure about Denmark), but they exist for bikes and so do studs for your shoes! Perhaps that's a cool Christmas gift? Do you have any other Christmas suggestions or rhymes for those tricky gifts? Write it on forum.turfgame.com, I read all threads and would love to see some Christmas ideas!

Merry Christmas from the omni-reader,

//StarDust, Sweden