Turf insider December 2016

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Christmas round is here[edit]

Christmas is right around the corner but first we'll look back and congratulate the amazing Turfers who finished top 3 last round. At third place we find KråkanKrax from Åland, Finland at 777 827 points. Glad to see that rozalionas medal from round 74 was a one off, maybe soon we will see Finlands first gold medal? At second place with 812 812 points we'll find the former gold medalist SJ from Uppsala. And at the very top we find a turfer from my old hometown of Karlstad yet again, Tasse74, reaching 1 006 975 points! This was the third gold medalist in Karlstad during the last 4 rounds, no wonder why I never get to keep any of my zones.

Congratulations to all the amazing turfers in top 3!

New version with new medals and attributes About a week ago the latest version of the application was released to both Android and iOS. New medals was promised and 17 of them showed up. During this week I have seen many of you succeeding in claiming some, but not any ranger ... yet. As some of you may have noticed none of you received any medals retroactive even though you earned them. If you're still missing your medal, please report it via the issueweb.

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Along with the new medals, a new zone attribute was released as well, this time it was Monument, an attribute needed for the new medal Orderly III. As you may understand there are still many attributes out there that we still haven't revealed to you. You have the opportunity to suggest the next attribute and what medal to go with it, please drop your suggestions in the forums. A nice name and preferable with a possible picture of the medal increases the chances of your suggestion being realized.

Focusing on Denmark[edit]

A gentle reminder that we are still looking for some danish turfers that want to fill the proud role of zonemaker. Your local expertise is needed, so why not drop an e-mail to us at zones@turfgame.com and maybe you can be our next zonemaker. As usual you are required to have knowledge of the game and have been active for some time to qualify, you will also undergo extensive testing and a rigorous training program before you are a fully fledged zonemaker. Okay, I admit, I made it sound a lot worse than it is, but we do have a couple of tests that you have to take, just for you to get the hang of zonebuilding. We already have one apprentice on his way to become a zonemaker but more applications are welcome!

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas[edit]

The large amount of snow that hit Sweden during the beginning of last round didn't stay for long but we are still hoping for a white Christmas. Lusseturfen, the event in Västerås last weekend, got their share of it. They had a local TV-team visiting the event so if you're interested you can see it here (Swedish).

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Maybe the turfing santa will bring a present to your town if you have been nice enough.

Maqqan, Sweden