Turf insider December 2017

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Winners and records

During the summer of 2012, Loreen won Eurovision, Spain won the European championchip and London arranged the olympics. Another big occasion was that the turfing queen Kingenin claimed her first gold medal, now 5 years later she has claimed her sixth. For a long time Kingenin and Mazarin were legends with their 4 gold medals each but now Kingenin is unchallenged on the throne. This time 1 067 183 points by 5 846 takes was required. But there was no easy path, just behind her we find Pumac from Göteborg who reached 1 016 130 points by 5 931 takes. Exciting! Pumac was in the lead for a time in the early weeks of this round but this time he must admit himself defeated. At third place with 739 322 points by 4 447 takes we find viðvarandi from Umeå.

Nice job everyone!


Have you noticed some zone changes lately? I believe something fuzzy is going on. If you thinking of zones near train stations I think you're something on track. Here is a nice pixelated spoiler for you:

Insider december 2017.JPG

The new design of the app is ongoing and last time I heard something from the developers they would begin to test the new design this winter.

Music aid

It is time for the yearly music aid in Sweden. This year the glass cage of celebrities has been placed in the zone Advisehouse in Umeå. Turf has their own purse this year as well. The turfe rs who sign up will give a certain amount of money for each take during the period 11-17 december. So if you are not signed up for the collection yet you can still contribute by taking as many zones as you can, maybe we will see Bont in the live cam taking about 400 zones/day as usual! Or why not sign up for the collection yourself? Here is the link, unfortunately all info is in Swedish: Music Aid

This years theme is "Children are not for sale", aiming to prevent child prostitution in the world.

Thats the last round mail for this year, see you next year!

Merry Christmas!