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Round winners[edit]

Congratulations to the winners of round 149: KRALJICA from Skåne turfed home her fourth Gold Medal, Björke from Östergötland mirrored KRALJICA by securing his fourth Silver medal and rocadero from Västmanland celebrated one million points with a Bronze medal. Well done mates!

Upcoming events[edit]

On the 10th of December you can head up to the dark Northern Sweden for LuleXmasBike in Luleå. It will take place during the few light hours of the day at this time of the year. The event has two heats. The Foot Event is set up at a private event which means you have to sign up in advance and be added to the event. Answer these questions here before the event.

On Sunday the 11th of December, Lusseturf will take place for the 10th time in Västerås. It will be held at the same place as previous years, the zone Orientalen.

Five turfers have been there all the previous years: BirgittaS, HogSquare, Hylaeus, JimVoi and SunYour. Hopefully you'll be able to meet them all this year too :)

Bonanza 2023 in Umeå[edit]

Turf Västerbotten is in the thick of planning the Bonanza 2023. It will be held on the 20th of May with events in two classes, a Bonanza banquet and lots of other fun activites, I am sure. The Bonanza page is up and running and more information will be added as the organizers are getting organized. HERE.

Turf Advent Calenders[edit]

We are fast approaching Christmas and the Turf Advent Calendars are up and running. Good luck everyone taking part in one or more of them.

The Bonanza team in Umeå has a Bonanza calender on their page, go and have a look here. Behind each door there is a zone with a little poem to let you see some of what is awaiting at the Bonanza next year.

Turf Awards 2022[edit]

Turf Awards is awarded to turfers who have made significant or particularly attentive achievements during the previous year or have been involved in an especially noted or spectacular zone takeover. Candidates are nominated by all turfers who also can participate in the final voting round to appoint the winners. Turf Awards is handed over to the winners by Turf Crew at the Bonanza banquet in Umeå May 20, 2023. Turf Awards will be awarded in the following categories:

  • Best Turf achievement of the year 2022

Awarded to the Turfer who, for example, got the most gold medals, monthly medals, has taken the most zones, unique zones, regions or equivalent in 2022.

  • Turf Star of the Year 2022

Awarded to the Turfer who started turfing as a newbie in 2022 and has made fast progress during the year.

  • Turfer of the Year 2022

An open category to nominate a Turfer that exceled in an exemplary way without any connections to an individual Turf performance. This award can be given for anything, for example: efforts to spread Turf, marketing, organizing Turf events or a Turfer who has helped and supported others in a special way.

  • Most Spectacular Zone Takeover of the Year 2022

Awarded to the Turfer, who has completed one of the most notable or spectacular zone takes in 2022.

Nomination procedure[edit]

From January 15, all turfers have the opportunity to submit proposals on who should be nominated for the Turf Award 2022 in the different categories. A Google form for proposing candidates will be found in next Turf Insider and also in other channels.

Voting procedure and announcement of winners[edit]

In March 2022, Turf Crew nominates a maximum of five candidates in each category. During April all turfers will be given the opportunity to vote for which of the nominees who should be awarded the Turf Award in each category.

The voting score determines who will be the winner of the Turf Award 2022 in each category. During the Bonanza Banquet in Umeå on May 20, 2023 the winners will be announced.

Event manager/Turf Crew

So c'mon and think about who you would like to nominate for Turf Award 2022!

Mulled Wine In Hamburg[edit]

Marcus_P from Hamburg wants to invite everyone to come and have a mulled wine with him in Hamburg. From his post in Turfgame (deutsch) on Facebook:

  • "We wanna meet over mulled wine. We meet on 15.12.22 at 17:00 at the Turfzone Reeperbahn in Hamburg. After that it's on to the St Pauli Christmas Market. I would be happy if many come over. Turf on,"

Let's hope many turfers will heed his call and meet up for some mulled wine :)

Zone take from ambulance[edit]

Turfer Kaktus-Mats from Uppsala had a serious accident during a closed event to celebrate Team Uppsala's three region wins during 2020-2022 on the 26th of November. Here is his own tale of the one positive aspect of the accident:

  • "To celebrate Uppsala's win in the Turf Ultimate Region Fight, an event was organized on November 26 in Uppsala with a subsequent dinner. Everything went well during the event until three in the afternoon when I headed into the City Forest (Stadsskogen) in search of zones. The first one was blocked but the second one was available to take. On the way to the third, I met a cyclist and we passed each other on the wide path.
  • Then I don't remember anything more until I was helped up from the path after a magnificent fall. There was an ambulance ride to the emergency room on the path through Stadsskogen and on the way the Tigerwoods zone was passed and apparently I had forgotten to turn off the Turf app because to my surprise I heard "taking zone - zone taken".
  • In other words, I managed to take the zone from inside the ambulance. My strangest zone take ever. Thanks to the helmet, I survived with only a concussion, scrapes and bruises and was allowed to go home after a 24-hour observation at the hospital."

Remember to be careful out there and adjust speed and choice of track with regards to current weather conditions!

Turf Picture of the Month[edit]

This month's Turf Picture is of the zone BishopZone taken by ojarnstr.

If you have a Zone picture you want featured as Turf Picture of the Month, send it to insider@turfgame.com Please include your Turf nick for recognition!

Did you know...

...that FeTaTo has taken 22925 unique zones

...DaHunter is on second place for unique zones with 22919 unique zones.

...there are 113280 zones to take

...4859 zones have never been taken, yet!

Turfa lugnt/Safe turfing!