Turf insider January 2016

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This round is the last round of the previous year but the winners are technically the first winners of this year! Nice little twist huh? ~Sisyfos~ grabbed the third place with 751 953 points, Björke gathered 789 129 points and subsequently snatched the second place. The gold medal however, goes to Ystra who gathered 880 821 points by doing 3 637 takeovers.

Worth mentioning is jonac's attempt at the gold medal. He came fourth with 734 913 points but did that by taking over 4 399 zones! Some might argue that the point system is a bit screwed up for something like that to happen but it's just the way of the game, it doesn't always pay off to turf in a very active city.


With the new year come the resolutions. I was so close at gaining a rank this year but was unfortunately cut short by less that 24 000 points. My resolution for 2016 is to not only get that rank as quickly as possible but also to reach the rank of Turf Knight by the end of the year! I'm not a a pro turfer so this is a tricky one for me, I have nearly 600 000 points till I reach that rank, about 1 600 points per day. But hell, if the pro's can do it in one round, I should be able to do it in a year, right?

Do you guys have any turf resolutions? There are loads of ways to share them! There's the in-game chat, there are a couple of Google Hangouts groups, facebook, and probably some other places that I've forgotten to mention or just don't know about. I wonder if the IRC channel is still active?

Novice Scout[edit]

A lot of new players have started Turf for the first time. We've all been that rank 1, some of us recently, for others it was several years ago. I thought I'd share a couple of tips to the newcomers.

For those of you using an Android, did you know that you can activate the notification bar? There are a lot of settings to check out if you press the menu button and then the settings button (the cog wheel).

Did you know that while in the chat, you can type a players name to notify that player of a new message? For example "StarDust Hi there!" will send me an audio notification of a new message! A great way to say hi to turfers not checking the chat, just remember to be in the right chat. If the turfer is in another region, the message won't be readable from your own region chat.

Winter Classic[edit]

The annual Winter Classic event is closing in, on Febraury 20th to be exact. If you live in or near Umeå, or are up for a trip to northern Sweden, be sure not to miss this cool winter event. There will be two classes, 18 and above, and under 18. If you are a minor, be sure to get permission from your parents, bring them along as well since they will be responsible for you! If you decide to enter the competition, you will have to pay the hefty (joking) amount of 20 kr which will be collected at the event area. It's free if you're below 18! For more info (in Swedish) and info on the banquet during the evening, check out: https://forum.turfgame.com/viewtopic.php?f=131&t=5049


Finally, I'd like to make a correction. In the last news letter I stated that the highest amount of points in one round was gathered by kingenin, I stated that turf24 wrote this. When reading the article I kind of read that at 10 times the normal speed. In round 57 Demon collected 1 357 890 points and in round 59 Hvalle collected 1 397 134. These stats are from warded.se/turf, my best source of stats. I guess I owe both you guys a cup of coffee! Lucky I'm not hosting Miss Universe or something, now that would have been awkward!

Till next round,

//StarDust, Sweden