Turf insider January 2017

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Happy new year

2016 is over and it has been an interesting year indeed. Thanks to a rival game (it's pretty obvious which one I'm talking about) a lot of people have been introduced to augmented reality games, something that turfers have been doing since 2010. Even though we are a small group compared to other games, we are steadily growing every month, we just passed 30 million takeovers, ten million were taken during 2016! Naturally, when winter is knocking on the door, we see that some turfers tend to enter a state of hibernation and return somewhere around April or May. If you're feeling lucky, have a lot of free time ahead of you and want a shiny medal, I suggest trying to get one now. The competition during the winter is still high but somewhat lower than other months during the year.

So, who were the persistent turfers who turfed through Christmas and got the last rounds medal? Well, let me put it like this, these guys are pretty much professional turfers with loads of medals weighing down their sports t-shirts. MadMajk takes home the bronze medal with 766 470 points, and at second place we find Király with 832 485 points. Finally, the gold medal goes to Jomii who did this by gathering 937 784 points!

Király could be considered a lightweight turfer compared to the other two on the podium but this is the second silver medal snatched by this turfer, and I think there could very well be a gold medal with the name Király stamped on the back just waiting to be grabbed in the future! In any case, give a round of applause to the turfers who won the last round of Turf in 2016!

Past and present

Last year boasted of many new features, behind the scenes improvements, loads of new medals and a bunch of other stuff. Check out turfgame.com for some more items to that list!

This year we have a new surprise. TurfDev has listened to you guys, you have for a long time wanted to see the ability to turf with a friend, perhaps when you're abroad and the both of you want to take that zone in New York. Either you would have to wait, return to the zone or just let one of you take the zone. Well, no more! TurfDev is developing the ability to take a zone with other turfers, this new feature will be called "assist" and will let you tick off the unique zone on your list. It will also give you takepoints, at the moment I am unclear of exactly how this will work but it's on it's way. Soon!

Upcoming events The annual winter event in Umeå, the Winter Classic, is about to take place. It kicks off on February 11th and the fee is a modest 20 SEK, if you're under 18 it's free! The people responsible for this event could also need some help, so if you feel like you want to help out, don't hesitate to get in touch with them. There are three classes: Bike (skis, kickbike etc) On foot (as well as wheelchair, rollerblades and other slower means of transportation) Under 18 (and means of transportation) If you're interested and want to know more, check out this forum link (in Swedish)!

Naturally, there will be a Bonanza this year as well! This time we will see it in the city of TOJ, namely Jönköping. It will take place on May 15th and have a bike class and on foot class. At the moment there is not much more information to give but they will probably post more info on this site (in Swedish)!

Winter tips

In the warmer parts of Sweden and northern continental Europe, the weather can't quite decide if it's still a very cold autumn or if it's ready for winter. This means that it is slippery as heck out there. I recommend getting winter tires for your bike, if you want to save some money you could buy just one tire and put it on the front wheel. It may sound strange, but the thing is, when you brake you mostly do it with your rear wheel and you just slide. However, if you lose steering which you do with the front, that's not so good. If you do a lot of walking, get some ice cleats (grippers) for your shoes, they do wonders, just don't forget to take them off when walking on your hardwood floor.

See you in February!