Turf insider July 2014

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Bonanza 2014 and another million!

Results of round 48[edit]

Örebro really has produced a number of great turfers and the region is definitely blooming with exceptional accomplishments. Last round we had Loaf breaking the impossible barrier of one million points in a round, only to see the record beaten in this round. Granted, this round was one week longer, but Yxas winning score of some 1,156,000 points is still insanely impressive! Yxas second gold medal, congrats! In second place, adding another medal to the collection, we find the Turf machine Snusmumriken. With an impressive score of 816,000 points she landed her fifth medal. In third place we find another Örebro turfer, Tturf. With a nice score of 678,000 he brings home the bronze medal. On fourth and fifth place we find KarinAlfrida from Linköping and TriggerHappy from Uppsala, both with a score of more than 600,000 points. Congratulations to all of you :-)

Bonanza 2014[edit]

On June 7th, almost 200 turfers from all over Sweden gathered for a great day of turfing and socializing in Stockholm! Of course this is a record in participants and we felt the need to divide the contest in to two heats. The first heat had 111 competitors, ranging from fast turfers on bikes to zone picnicking familys :-) The winner in heat 1 was GekkoMan from Västerås with a score of 2295 points. In second place was LaserLudde, also from Västerås and in third place we find Wsnurr from Gothenburg.

The second heat, and the fight for the Bonanza medals was one of the most exciting Turf experience of all times! Heat 2 was filled with 83 contestors, most of them geared up for biking but the elite among walking turfers was also there, hungry for those special prizes for non-bikers.

The two hours of this Bonanza was filled with excitement, turfers struggling to advance or trying to stay on top. We saw the reigning champion, SunYour, struggle for a top position, we saw last year's bronze medalist morgam in the lead for a while. But in the end none of the medalists from last year landed a medal, the three of them ended up on position 5, 6 and 7. So, who won then? Well, I dare to say, the winner wasn't a surprise for me at least! We had seen him winning the Borlänge Turf Open, five weeks earlier and many of us knew that Thunell would be hard to beat. But Maqqan from Karlstad indeed gave him a fight for the gold! The fight for the medals was fierce during the last thirty minutes, the leader changing by every takeover. The Kalmar turfer MasterOfTurf also wanted the top spot, and had it for a few minutes. It was exciting, thrilling and nerve-wracking to watch!

In the end, Thunell was the winner with a score of 1889 points. Runner up and silver medalist was Maqqan, on 1875 points and bronze medal ended up with MasterOfTurf with 1866 points. Westeras came in fourth place with 1848 points and in fifth place we find morgam on 1839 points, only 50 points after Thunell.

I take my hat off to these incredible turfers who made the Bonanza such a thrilling event to follow! Hands down, the most exciting Turf Event I ever had the pleasure to watch :-)

All of this excitement of course needed a celebration! In the evening over 70 turfers joined up at the Flying Horse restaurant for a nice dinner and socializing, a great ending of a great day :-)

I would like to send a huge thanks to the people who made this Bonanza possible: the Bonanza Crew. Keeponwalking, Bombina and Varginnan spent oceans of time to prepare this day, and for that we all are truly grateful! Also a special thanks goes out to our sponsors who contributed with prizes and refreshments! Thank you Dropinbikes and SANTO-Li!

New Android version[edit]

For a week now, the Android version of Turf has been tested internally. This version will, when it goes live, bring a number of new features! The biggest change is of course the upgrade of the map api, which will end the crash bug and bring the feature of automatic cacheing to substantially reduce data traffic. It's currently being tested by Turf crew, the next step is to let the Turf Supporters in on the fun! So if you want the new version faster, now you know how :-)

Changes for the Turf Insider[edit]

As many of you may know, I have written the Turf Insider for quite some time now. To be exact, I've actually been doing this for 2,5 years..! Time flies and I think it's well over due to let someone else share their view on the Turf world, so as of now you wont be hearing my rambling for some time ;-)

From now on, Turf Insider will be written by different members in Turf Crew and I know that having different people sharing their view on Turf will be great! I had a great time writing this little column and I sincerely thank all of you who have taken the time to read my thoughts on Turf for such a long time :-)

Happy turfing and don't forget to make a small detour for that extra zone!

//Blabert, Sweden