Turf insider July 2016

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The winners of the 72nd round of Turf are, at third place, Snusmumriken with 725 732 points, at second place Sagarmatha with 790 536 points and finally the gold medalist with 900 798 points xaldin6497! Congratulations to all three of you!


July, my favorite month of the year, mainly because summer is in full bloom, everything is still green and there is at least one more month of summer left until it gets colder. This year Mother Nature does not disappoint, it might not be the hottest summer but there's a sense of heat rooted deep in the ground, you just want to spend lots of time outdoors.

Recently I've been doing some fishing and naturally I've found one or two zones on the way, Oakfield and MorgaFornborg are two nice examples, the latter is a bit of a climb but has an excellent view. Do you have any zones that you want to share with others? Why not do it at our official forum or on social media? #turfgame on instagram or join the facebook channel Turfgame.

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Events The next upcoming event is the traditional Turf Open Jönköping (TOJ) which kicks off on the 6th of August between 1pm-3pm. You are welcome to compete in several different classes such as cycling, on foot, and even as a team. There is also a junior class for everyone under the age of 18!

After the event you can mingle with fellow turfers at the official dinner. More info about the event in Swedish here!

I hope you have a great July, whether you have work or vacation I recommend you find some time to enjoy the sun, and perhaps a zone or two!

StarDust, Sweden