Turf insider June 2014

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This month has been packed with stuff happening, from events to crazy achievements. First of all, a big congratulations to the three medalists of the 47th Turf games! The winner was Loaf with an amazing score of over 1 million points. The runners up were Maqqan and Majoxe with an impressive score of over 550 thousand points each.

One million[edit]

Loaf is the first person ever to gather that many points in a single round, and in a four week round for that matter! From rank 0 that would take you up to a whopping rank 38 and still have points left. Currently holder of the rank Turf Count (49), Loaf increased his rank by two levels during the last round by gathering over 35 000 points per day! Rumors say that fellow Turfers met him at his own winner zone, being the last zone he talk and celebrated with champagne. Give it up for the tireless Loaf!

New rule[edit]

We have had a couple of events during May with these, new rules have been implemented for zone taking. Event zones will no longer be counted as unique and will not count as a taken zone in you total taken zones counter. This change is retroactive so you might notice a decrease in unique zones and taken zones in your respective meters.


Speaking of events, Gothenburg had a Open Turf Event with 60 participants. Winner was Din_Kompis (your friend in English). There was even some drama in the event when a fellow Turfer passed through an open gate to take an event zone. However, on the way out, the gates were closed and due to that, the prize ceremony was slightly postponed in order for the Turfer to manage to get out and participate in the ceremony. It was also the first event with a successful radio broadcast during the competition. An attempt was made last year during the Uppsala Bonanza but server problems arose and the link did not work for most people. Hopefully, the success in Gothenburg will be a recurring phenomena with many talented hosts, exciting live interviews and good music!

There was a Turf Closed Event in Oskarshamn with 20 or so participants. A closed event means that not everyone can join. In this case you had to apply to the event. In this event, zone maker Dacop was the winner!

Heavy rain[edit]

Norway had bucket loads of rain on their national day, bucket loads of zones that is. On June 5th Denmark will have their national day and on June 6th, Sweden. It will be interesting to see if anything happens these days!


This month we will be rotating the the zone makers region allotment. Remember that this is a trial run and this is an experiment to see how this works and if different zone makers can add to different aspects of zones in all regions.

Coming up[edit]

In less than three days the spectacular event with its own name; Bonanza is going to take place in Stockholm. On Saturday, June 7th at 10 o'clock the first part of the Bonanza will take off. In the first heat anyone can participate and there will be prizes for the winner, however the in-game medal will be restricted to a participated medal, thus no winner medals are handed out during this heat. The second heat is the more challenging one. Participants have paid the entry fee and are competing for the big prizes, trophies and in-game medals. May the best Turfer win! For those of you who have applied there will be a gathering during the evening where Turfers will mingle and enjoy some good food together. Yours truly will also be attending!

To even out the Southern and central events, Umeå is going to host a unique event they proudly call a Midnight Classic which is held during the night between June 14-15, and in a few months you will be able to walk, cycle, jog, or whatever way of transportation you prefer, your way to a victory at the Turf Open in Jönköping!

I hope everyone will have a blast in June, summer is finally arriving and the weather is great for those picnics near some nice zones. I'd like to end this newsletter with a proverb I often use:

The shortest distance is between two zones!

//StarDust, Sweden