Turf insider June 2016

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Champions of May[edit]

The winners of the five week May challenge are; at first place, CykologenCOM with 956 723 points by taking 4 823 zones, TXL with 861 572 points by taking 4 539 zones and simpson with 817 913 points, by taking 4842 zones. Congratulations on winning the May contest!

Bonanza 2016[edit]

During the last month, the epic Turf compeitition, the Turf Bonanza was held in Kalmar, mainly coordinated by the Kalmarturf association. A record breaking amount of people attended on a glorious day which I unfortunately could not attend. I have the listing of winners however, and here they are!

BonanzaFoot Youth

  • 1. 2+2=fisk 931p, 51 takeovers
  • 2. Karuin 670p, 35 takeovers
  • 3. sorken 498p, 27 takeovers

BonanzaBike Youth

  • 1. AtZero 1387p, 72 takeovers
  • 2. Viktor15J 1153p, 76 takeovers
  • 3. MrRailway 1021p, 65 takeovers


  • 1. Klintan11 1 756p, 84 takeovers
  • 2. sweest 1 710p, 88 takeovers
  • 3. rabbit_rail 1658p, 94 takeovers


  • 1. Shitty 1422p, 84 takeovers
  • 2. morgam 1387.15p, 79 takeovers
  • 3. AtZero 1386.90p, 72 takeovers

Let's give a big hand to all the winners and an extra one to AtZero who snatched a medal in both as a youth and as the actual top three. Notice that it was extremely close between the second and third place in the BonanzaBike heat. The medalists were differentiated by takeovers but as you can see, they are only 0.25 points apart.

Upcoming events[edit]

The Calender is quite empty considering it's the start of the summer but that may change. Only one event is on the list, namely the Midnight Classic in Umeå. As you might have guessed, this event takes place around midnight but there is not real need for a flashlight since the sun has hardly set when so far up North on our planet during the summer. The event will take place on June 18th, for detailed information about this spectacle, click here!

Unique zones[edit]

As usual, I will be doing some traveling in Sweden during the summer, don't hesitate to say hello if you see me taking a zone somewhere! Till next time....

//StarDust, Sweden