Turf insider June 2018

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Round winners

This is a double issue for round 94 and 95 of Turf, with two gold winners, two silver and two bronze to commemorate.

First round 94: A huge congratulations to Mr.Jokerit from Gothenburg to his first Gold Medal (1 317 562 points, 8 213 zones and unspeakable many kms on his bike!). Falken55 from Stockholm took his first Silver Medal (1 073 307, 3 701 zones and a greed 600+ from getting a Denmark Explorer during the round). Király ”only” ended up with a Bronze Medal, his second (839 793 points, 4 488 zones).

In Round 95 we saw a strong comeback from Király, getting his fifth Gold Medal (912 584 points, 5 189 zones). Is there enough space for Király005 in the same area as his previous winner zones? Only time will tell! dekatomas, the friendly turfer from Dalarna, secured his second Silver Medal (805 269 points, 4 579 zones) over pancosmic from Stockholm who had to make do with Bronze Medal, his first (746 951 points, 4 359 zones).

Well done everyone! Who will get the three precious medals in round 96?

Bonanza 2018 and other events during round 94-95

On May 19 this year's Bonanza was held in Västerås, and hosted by Turf Västmanland. Thanks to a sunny day, the turfers came in droves and participation was an all time high in both the Foot (https://turfgame.com/event_old?id=1595) and the Bike event (https://turfgame.com/event_old?id=1619).

Congratulations to all the winners in Youth and Adult classes!

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Next year we will meet in Stockholm for Bonanza 2019 :)

Two other open events have taken place during the last two rounds. On April 22 a total of 60 turfers showed up for 08Foot2018 in Huddinge, a southeasten suburb of Stockholm (https://turfgame.com/event_old?id=1610).

GbgOpen2018 took place on June 2 and had 61 turfers competing together on foot and bike in the hilly Biskopsgården på Hissingen in Västra Götaland (https://turfgame.com/event_old?id=1658).

Events are a fun and social part of Turf, so please visit https://turfgame.com/event for more information about past and future events and keep reading the news letter!

Turf Meetings

Another fun and social part of Turf is the monthly meet-ups turfers all around Sweden and other parts of the world participate in. There are to mention a few: Turföl (öl is Swedish for beer) in for example Enköping, Kumla and Örebro every month; Turffika (fika is Swedish for "coffee or something else to drink and bun/cake/cookie/something to eat") in Göteborg and Östersund; Turfträff (träff is Swedish for meeting) and Turfbrunch in Uppsala; BBQ evenings and even Turf-gymnastics in Stockholm. These events are usually advertised in each local Turf group's Facebook page.

During the summer many turfers are travelling, exploring new cities and new zones. A great way to meet new turfers, is to ask in the regional Turf application chat, if any local turfer wants to meet up: for a coffee, something to eat or a guided tour around their turf. So when you go travelling this summer, shout out in the regional chats to the local turfers for impromptu meet-ups. Or if you see a Turf tourist in your home town, make contact and invite them to go for an "Turf assist sight-seeing tour" with you :)

Three Quick Ones

Time to introduce a new section in Turf Insider: Three quick Turf-related questions to a random turfer. First out are three turfers I encountered at the Bonanza in Västerås.

Turf nick: kingenin

What made you begin with Turf?

The middle son had begun and he showed me the app. I took a few zones and said: "I can not do this, because it takes too long." I have had to regret those words several times :)

Which medal was the toughest to take?

Insomnia. I need to sleep.

An accessory (not bike) that you have used to take a zone. Which?

Canoe. All my winner zones in Kalmar can be taken by canoe :)

Turf-nick: Shitty

What made you begin with Turf?

A section about Turf with Bombina in the TV-program "Landet Runt".

An accessory (not bike) you used to take a zone.

Bus ;)

Most memorable zone you have taken. Why?

Jättum. It's ”fett”! It's awsome!

Turf-nick: albee

What made you begin with Turf?

My daughter had a school event. I got curious and then I was stuck.

What is most frustrating with Turf?

When the GPS acts up, that makes me crazy.

Which personal goal are you most satisfied with?

That I quickly took all the zones in my new home suburb of Stockholm when I moved there.

Over the following months we will get to know a few other turfers!

Turfa lungt/Safe turfing!