Turf insider June 2020

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Round Winners[edit]

Congrats to the winner of round 119: Oberoff from Stockholm who added a Gold medal to his Silver, KRALJICA from Skåne added a Silver medal to her Gold and Scott63 from Västerbotten added a Bronze medal to his Silver. Every medal winner had to collect more than 1 million points.
Well done mates!

Turf Events, Meetings and Challenges[edit]

If you want your public event featured in Turf insider, write to: insider@turfgame.com preferably at least two months in advance and add a web page if possible. After the event it is always fun to read a paragraph about it (winners, weather, funny episodes) and remember that a picture is always worth more than a 1000 words.

Bonanza 2020 moved![edit]

Due to the Corona pandemic, Bonanza 2020 has been moved to August 29.

Registration is still open! All info can be found here. The voting for Turf Awards 2019 has been concluded and the winners will be announced at the Bonanza banquet, which we all hope can be held in August.

In Umeå VbMidnightC20 is scheduled to take place on the 27th of June, hopefully more information will soon be posted on Turf Västerbotten's homepage.

MaXi is setting up a multi-region battle in September and so far 11 regions are signed up, all Swedish regions. The last date to sign up is 31st of July with an e-mail to maxi.triathlon@gmail.com

Turf meetings are starting up again, many are taking place outdoors in the sunny summer weather. There are picnics, ice-cream indulgence, cold beers or barbeques happening all over Sweden. It is good to be able to meet up, and keeping the distance is easier outdoors than inside a restaurant, cafe or pub.

Turf Västerbotten has launched a Turf challenge, as the second Turf Association to do this (Turf Skåne is running their En Skånsk Klassiker for the fourth time this year, read more about it here).

From Turf Västerbotten:

”Are you looking for a new Turf challenge? Are you spending your vacation in Västerbotten? Or do you just want a good reason to lure your non-turfing friends and family to those far-away zones? Turf Västerbotten (inspired by Turf Skåne) has recently launched a challenge out of the ordinary: Västerbottens Turf-Klassiker. Five sub-challenges including physical strength and cultural historical sites. Complete one or all to achieve medals and glory. Read more here, only in Swedish.”

In order to take part in the fun, you need to become a member of Turf Västerbotten, but that is easy :) Who will be first to complete it?

The Art of Zone making (and why the issue system is so important!)[edit]

During the years, turfers have complained (both via the issue system and in social media) that they have been credited for suggesting new zones when they most certainly did not! Either location or name is wrong according to the turfer. Well...first of all, everyone who at any time made a suggestion in the Turf app WITHIN 200 meters of a new zone, will get a ”Zone Suggestion Accepted” mail and message in the Turf app. It can easily be 10-20 turfers who will get these messages if a zone pops up in a well-liked spot. So be happy with the new zone :) ...even if it is not exactly where you suggested it!

As for zone names...if there is more than one suggestion at a specific spot, there will be more than one name suggestion, and the zone maker might also come up with something the zone maker likes better than those suggested by turfers. Also, there is no limit for how many accepted zone suggestions one turfer can receive during a month or a year, even if it wasn't in the exact spot you suggested. (yes, this was a legit worry from a turfer when the turfer got a "Zone Suggestion Accepted" and it was not in the suggested spot). Zone makers can not see who made a suggestion in the Turf application when creating a new zone, so there is no bias regarding the origin of the suggestion.

However, all zones are not 'perfect' when they show up on the map, and this is where the issue system comes into play. The zone maker's most valuable tool is Google maps, especially in areas that person has never been to, and it does not always tell you all you need to know when creating a new zone. So if a zone is a bit off from a forest path or on grass instead of the lovely path next to the grass, write an issue and ask for it to be corrected. This is especially true for areas where there are few or no regular turfers, so if you come across not so well-placed zones, take five minutes and write an issue describing what is wrong with the zone and how to correct it (usually by moving it x meters in y direction).

My fellow Crew member and zone maker Maqqan has updated his old, very informative and well worth reading twice blog post about zone making. In it, he describes quite well how creating a new zone is done and which obstacles zone makers are faced with when creating new zones. Some zone makers go through Facebook posts for zone suggestions, others look for suggestions in the Turf forum and most of us look at suggestions made in the Turf application.

I am like Maqqan, I like to use suggestions made in the Turf application, since it is such a thrill to get that ”Zone suggestion accepted”-message :)

However, as Maqqan states in his post, it can be very difficult to find YOUR special spot among all the zone suggestions out there, and that is why we ask you to mention 2-3 zones already in existence close by your suggestion, since we can search for already existing zones in the Turf map tool and hence come closer to your suggestion that way! Screen shots are also very helpful when trying to pinpoint where exactly someone wants a new zone, preferably with a few old zones visible for reference.

Tip Of The Month[edit]

Summer is here, something I forgot yesterday, and got burnt by the sun and got a little bit too dehydrated. So bring an extra bottle of water and wear sunscreen on your summer Turf adventures!

And...don't forget to turn on Turf and take a zone on the 10th of July, Turf's 10th birthday. Something special is coming and extra special if you are a Supporter :)

Turfa lugnt/Safe turfing!