Turf insider March 2015

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And the winner is...[edit]

The shortest month of the year has come to an end, and within that month has been exactly one round of Turf. It's been an interesting month with massive weather fluctuations, from downright winter, ending up in something that is beginning to look like spring over here. This round was topped with the current seasoned players. The top three sports no newcomers, just the players we all know and love to see dish it out on their battlegrounds. In first place we have GW007 with just over 780 000 points, closely followed by Snusmumriken who gathered just over 700 000 points and also became the first one to reach the rank of Turf Archangel(13 million points). Only three more ranks left to the top, or 37 million points to go. Finally, on third place we have dekatomas with nearly 570 000 points. All three have previously recieved top three medals previously. Worth mentioning is ZoneBender who is on the up and coming. One region medal as of now, but so far no top three scores. Keep an eye out for this turfer!

Stats frenzy[edit]

So what's happened these past years with Turf? Well, one way of measuring Turf's expansion is by counting zones. So I did it. I came to the conclusion that the number of zones have increased by a factor 30 compared to four years ago today!! Between 2011 and 2012 on March 2nd, the number of zones increased more than fivefold, that was a crazy year. Many new towns and villages were introduced to Turf. That was the year when Turf Crew was pretty much formed. Since then the number of zones have roughly doubled. Only doubled you say? Well, not even that anymore. Between 2014 and 2015 turf only expanded by approximately 1.5 times, pretty weak huh? Well, let's put that in numbers. In 2011, there were a bit more than 1200 zones... 2012: Nearly 6500 zones 2013: Over 12500 zones 2014: A whopping 24000 zones! Today: Well over 36000 zones around the world!

Even though Turf Crew runs a tight ship with strict rules and to some peoples' annoyance, don't dish out enough zones, have in mind that during the past year 12000 new zones were created! That's ten times more than there were zones around the world back in 2011. I wouldn't call that half bad!

Supporter app[edit]

The long awaited supporter app has finally been released! It sports a number of improvements, both visual and behind the scenes. As part of the Turf Crew I've been able to test it for a while now and it is not half bad. A big improvement is the map which utilizes the new map api that allows caching, that means no more data hungry Turf for those that don't use pro mode. On the other hand, pro mode has been removed, there is some speculation to whether or not this is permanent or not, but for now, it is off the table.

So, how do you get your hands on this little trinket? Well, first you become a supporter by going here: http://turfgame.com/supporter. Then you check out this part of the forum: https://forum.turfgame.com/viewforum.php?f=136. That's it!


There's a rumor going that another Bonanza is in the making! The rumor started spreading on Turf Crews Instagram account, yes we have one! When and exactly where is unclear but here's the photo that got the rumor going!

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Until then, you can satisfy your event hunger by signing up for the event in Karlstad on April 18th! Here is the forum information (in Swedish): https://forum.turfgame.com/viewtopic.php?f=131&t=4549 This is where you sign up (also in Swedish): http://goo.gl/forms/Q6SzuLMxXe

World Heritage Sites[edit]

Turf Crew has started a new project. You can already start to see zones popping up at random places across the world. These are World Heritage Sites and are meant to be zones that you can collect as unique zones or perhaps as a medal in the future. Rules of how many of these zones are allowed to exist in each country and in total are still being discussed but till then you will see some cool places get a bit cooler!

Till next month,

//StarDust, Sweden