Turf insider March 2017

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Last month was a winter month but although most turfers live in Sweden, not many got to experience an actual winter. The weather consisted mostly of dreary wet days with rain and perpetual grayness. The correlation to the points gathered and this weather is obvious since we have to back up about a year in the statistics to see all three players on the podium scoring well under 800 000 points which goes to show that this happens during the winter. But it was a close one. All three got within 100 000 points to one another which is quite unusual. At third place we find N@a with just over 620 000 points, at second place Király with almost 690 000 points and at first place, just shy of 703 000 points, stinabus. Király had the lead for most of the time of this round but then he went on a vacation to Spain at the end of the round. Stinabus saw the opportunity and with some help from her friends in Linköping she was able to reach the first place the night between Saturday and Sunday before the round end. Well done everyone and thanks for the excitement!


Cool things are happening to Turf right now. Some of you might have noticed that the webpage has received a complete makeover. It looks really cool and is mobile friendly with scaling and all that stuff. Logging in is done by receiving codes through the app, no more remembering passwords! Check it out here. One novelty on the web page which I personally like is the info page with links to the most popular third party applications, you'll find it under Info - Links.

When it comes to the app, the supporter period for assists is over meaning anyone and everyone can from now on get assists. We want to thank you supporters for helping us out with the testing and in return you get to be the first turfers to get access to the new medals among other things! A quick mention about the actual supporter payments. They are more streamlined through the app now. Payments are now done through Google Play or the Appstore depending on what hardware you are using. Just press the Supporter button in the app menu!


It's that time of the year again, details of the largest annual Turf event are finally revealed! Registrations for the Bonanza 2017 on May 13th in Jönköping are up and running! The crew of JkpgTurf are working on making it a great weekend so be sure to join. The event starts on Friday with a get together for the adults and a small event for the younger turfers followed by the main competitions and banquet on Saturday.

Meet up with your old and new turf friends on Sunday and be the first to hear some great news which will be revealed then.

Be sure to register for the Bonanza before April 10th if you want to buy the exclusive T-shirt or participate in the Bonanza Banquet, seats are limited. For more information about this year's Bonanza, check out this webpage. Jkpg Crew is looking forward to see you all in Jönköping!