Turf insider May 2016

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Winners of March 2016[edit]

For the first time in modern Turf history we have a winner of two rounds in a row! eddyueue did it in round 1 and round 2 and meaw did it in round 6 and 7, now Björke have done it with his vctory round 69 and this one, round 70. I am cruelly impressed and the question I ask myself is if he can manage to do it a third time in a row to be the first one ever? Only time will tell. Behind Björke we'll find a former gold and bronze medallist in MadMajk. He now adds a silver medal to his collection, making the collection complete, great work! His last medal, the gold, was achieved during round 42 so he have been waiting for this a long time but now was the time! At third place we find the recognizable face of ~Sisyfos~. A most common face in the toplist nowadays, he really shows why he goes under that name.

All of these three awesome turfers had already qualified into DIProgans list of the turfers with most round medals (Swedish) but they now take another step towards the top, question is who will be next to qualify to this epic list?

New issue categories[edit]

We have recently added some new issue categories and redefined a few existing ones:

  • 1. New issue category "Event issue". Use this for any issues you experience that is event-related or related to the event functions in app or web.
  • 2. New issue category "Non critical App or Server Issue". Use this for any app, server or API issue that is not critical (see below for definition).
  • 3. The old issue categories for app, servers and API has been renamed adding the word "Critical".

Definition of Critical issue:

  • a). Can't log on to app.
  • b). The app or game does not work or essential parts of it does not work, this includes any app bug that gives you game disadvantages playing turf compared to the normal state.
  • c). turfgame.com or forum.turfgame.com does not work.
  • d). API issues that render third party solutions unusable.

e). The issue has to affect more than one user. Exception: a) above.

Many issues we receive today are non-critical but has up until now been mixed up with the critical ones. With this change we hope to free more time for our developers to focus on new functionality and critical issues. Non-critical issues will normally be dealt with when an update is made to server or app for other reasons, and as time allows.

As always, you report issues on issues.turfgame.com.

Bonanza 2016[edit]

We are finally there, the round for the Bonanza 2016 in Kalmar. If you have not registered yet I suggest you get to it! Today we have 180 registered turfers from 16 regions (including Åland). It is no longer possible to order Bonanza merchandise but until the 13th of May you can register to the Bonanza banquet if you would like to hang out with like-minded people during the evening. Please find the registration form by clicking this link which will take you to the official page (Swedish) or this link which will take you directly to the registration form (also in Swedish), information in English can be found by clicking this link.

There's almost no excuse for not attending, my trip will be an adventure in itself. I will be traveling from Kristinehamn on Friday. Go to Hallsberg where I will pick up Madde68, who I never have met, and then continue to Norrköping. In Norrköping I will leave my car on Björke and Kryos driveway and continue to Kalmar in morgams car, has not met any of these 3 turfers before either. In Kalmar I will share a cottage with morgam, Mangadang and Shitty, shitty I have met once, three years ago. Talk about turfgame connecting people!

See you in a zone or even better at the Bonanza!

//Maqqan, Sweden