Turf insider May 2017

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Round winner

April offered some very interesting weather, such as snow, hale, rain, freezing winds and the occasional sunshine. Yet a few turfers battled on for the medals and the points are pretty impressive, the top three players gathered nearly four million points which is almost as much as the next seven players total! At third place we find CykologenCOM with 1 007 854 points, at second place simpson with 1 399 134 points and at first place Király with a mind blowing 1 555 131 points! This means that the previous record was beaten by both the first and the second place players this round and the new record is more than 150 000 points over the previous record. But it doesn't stop there, the runner up simpson managed to beat the previous round takeov er record, the new record now at 8085 takeovers in a single round! What extraordinary accomplishments, give them a huge round of applause!


The next olympic games of Turf, the Bonanza, is just around the corner. In a few hours turfers from all over will gather to compete, mingle compare equipment and eat great food in Jönköping. The competition is split up into two events, one where you compete on foot and one where you compete with non-motorized equipment such as skateboards, roller-blades and a bunch of other stuff. For more detailed information go to the official site (in Swedish): http://jonkopings-turfsallskap.webnode.se/bonanza-2017/ Also, Turf Dev just told me a little secret that they are planning on releasing a few new stuff at the next Bonanza. If you have no plans for tomorrow and want to be the first to hear about it, you better get yourself to Jönköping on May 12th!

Revising crew documentation and new zone makers

Turf is a dynamic project where things change all the time. Rules and regulations are created, some disappear, others evolve. Right now me and wsnurr, who's done a great job so far, are revising some internal documentation for apprenticeships, exciting stuff huh? Maybe not to everyone but it's fulfilling. We hire new crew members on a regular basis, sometimes a crew member drops out, sometimes we find that an expansion is necessary. A new apprentice will soon go through the trials and if that person passes we can welcome a new member! If you are interested in joining Turf Crew, don't hesitate to tell us at forum.turfgame.com. There's a waiting list but before you know it we might contact you!

See you in a warmer month.