Turf insider November 2013

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One month with iTurf, zones with 0 pph and Turf is nominated for the Gold Mobile Award!

Results of round 40[edit]

After two bronze medals and months of standing in the shadow of kingenin, the Kalmar turfer sune finally got to lay hands on a gold medal! As usual these days, a gold medal is something which has to be fought for very hard and this time was no exception: over 800000 points and around 4600 takeovers was what sune managed to scrape together over five weeks. Massive and impressive, congratulations! Claiming the silver medal, Thorre (or vicham as he calls himself these days..) apparently had no trouble with the high hills in his home town of Jönköping, scoring some 630000 points. Bronze medal this round ended up in Borlänge, the Turf metropol of Dalarna, and DerVerMer scored a bit over 550000 points. Congrats to all three of you, well done!

iTurfers everywhere![edit]

Dare I say that the release of Turf for iPhone is a success? I think so! During this last month we have seen a really big increase of new players, many of those are of course turfers with an iPhone. Actually, the amount of active players has been so large that the servers from time to time had difficulties to keep up. For instance, there was around 350 turfers online at noon today, a number which we never have seen the likes of before. Both great fun and challenging! As many of you know, Turf relies solely on donations and if you want to help to keep Turf going strong, there's a chapter further down in this mail about donations. Any help is welcome :-)

Zones now can have 0 points per hour[edit]

After long discussions in the Turf Crew, the decision was made to add a number in to the pph-scale. Many players have been concerned about the fact that you can earn so much points just by going to an inactive area and grab zones, a concern that I find just. In my book, going to unexplored territories is not about stack up on as many zones as possible just to get an edge from the accumulated points! It's much more about seeing these new zones, finding new exciting places and of course stack up on unique zones and visit new regions!

The zones which now have 0 pph have recieved an increased take point (250) and with the neutral bonus of 50 points, 300 points for one takeover is really not that bad. Further more, the 0 pph zones are designed in a way that if there is a sudden increase of turfers in the area, the zone(s) will very fast get bumped up to a normal status. Exactly how the point system works is and have always been a secret, because the developers doesnt want anyone trying to use the system in a bad way. I can however mention that the Fairy now has a smaller friend, called Tinker(bell), which in a nice fashion handles the zones with 0 pph :-)

Other misc news[edit]

Turf nominated to Guldmobilen

Turf has been nominated in the category Health at this years Guldmobilen in Sweden! This is truly a milestone for the project and we are extremely happy that you wanted to nominate Turf! No matter how it goes on the award ceremony on Nov 7, this is truly a motivation to keep spending more hours on the project!


The game need donations. We used a lot of money to tweak the servers to be able to handle both the iPhone release and the new round, last month. If you want to be one of those who makes it possible to tweak the servers when its needed, please check out turfgame.com/info/donate and help us.

In other news I'm reminding you of the new Turf fanzine, called turf24.se! All the Turf news you need, presented in a sporty like fashion :-) Great minds are trying to figure out who is behind this site, but so far the insightfull and well read person(s) is anonymous.. Whoever is behind it, here at Turf insider we welcome this site which brings us all the news we need about Turf on a daily basis :-)

Turf wiki, Facebook and Instagram[edit]

Visit the Turf Wiki wiki.turfgame.com and learn more about Turf or share your knowledge! All thoughts, facts and questions are welcome. Feel free to write about your favorite zone, explain the best zones in your region, how fairy works or whatever.

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Our third party developers continue their work with cool features, for example we now have a brand new and exciting Turf Leauge! Work your way up through the divisions and try to make it to the elite bunch of insane turfers and stay there :-) Sounds interesting? Check out TurfLeague

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Happy turfing and don't forget to make a small detour for that extra zone!

Blabert, Sweden