Turf insider November 2015

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October winners[edit]

As always, I want to start this newsletter by congratulating the world winners of this round, this time is no different!

At third place we have the former gold medalist Calmare1 who gathered a total of 721 387 points, not bad! One step up on the podium we find, also a former gold medalist, mipson with 954 214 point, nearly a million! And finally, at first place, with 1 161 178 points, with the most average daily points ever gathered, ABECE! ABECE did not peak the round record, but would have if the tempo was kept during a five week round! This is also the first gold medal ever to have been collected by a turfer from the region Värmland. Congratulations to all three of you!

Worth mentioning is the turfer at fifth place, mickecarl, who turfs in the region Blekinge, normally a very quiet region when it comes to Turf. Thanks for putting your region on the Turf map!

Android 1.0 release[edit]

Finally, the moment many users have been waiting for; the release of Turf 1.0 for Android OS. This is good news, not only for just Android users, but for iOS users as well. This means that the Android app has finally caught up with the iOS app and more time can be spent on developing both apps functionalities side by side and also new game implementations! This is a mile marker for Turf and we can come to expect exciting things to happen in the future albeit slowly since there are always things in the background that need to be tweaked.

Some of you might think that there is no point in further supporting Turf and receiving the supporter app which was a part of the beta(-beta) app, which is now the 1.0.2 version, well you're wrong. The app as it is now is pretty much the freeware version, Turf will never be pay to win, but other things can be added to the game which only supporters might have access to. How about turfing with a friend and taking zones together while visiting a city? Anything is possible and at the moment the developers are evaluating a whole bunch of things. If you have any suggestions, I recommend that you visit the forum at forum.turfgame.com! Also, remember that the funds gathered from supporters go to running the servers and if there is a surplus, it goes to prizes at Bonanzas and other cool stuff!

Turf abuse[edit]

During the past few months we've seen more and more cheaters, hackers and a lot of other things that we don't like. That is why we have decided to establish an e-mail address so you can contact us and we can sort these problems in an orderly fashion. Remember though that this is mainly for cheating and hacking, and in extreme cases bad language. We are not the police so we will not ban a player for committing traffic violations, that is the individuals responsibility. We take these e-mails seriously so please don't abuse the abuse mail :) The address is: abuse@turfgame.com


If people missed this little detail, winter is coming. At the moment, there seems to be a massive amount of leaves everywhere on the ground, I've managed to nearly slip once or twice on these slippery scales covering the ground. It's also getting darker and darker and we just reverted to normal time (from daylight savings), which means that it's darker one hour earlier than before. If you don't have a light with you on your turf adventure, I recommend getting one, that also goes for you guys on foot in dimly lit areas and not only the cyclists among us. Why not invest in a headlamp? There are loads of different types out there!

Stay safe, see you in December!

//StarDust, Sweden