Turf insider October 2014

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Round Winners[edit]

Ducce from Dalarna snatched his first podium medal in Turf during the last round and it happened to be the gold medal as well! With nearly 850 000 points Ducce pulverized the second place with a 200 000 point lead over Movemania (with 643 000 points) who interestingly enough made the fewest takes of the top three with 3684 takes over Jonac's 4188 takes and 583 000 points. Worth mentioning is simpson who came fourth was only 4000 points behind Jonac and accomplished this with just over 3000 takes! Another honorable mention is the Uppsala turfer TriggerHappy who is the only turfer that has managed to grab all six region winner medals since the start (in Uppsala). Kudos!

Autumn has arrived[edit]

We are well on our way into autumn in most parts of Europe. That may not mean the same thing further south but in Sweden it means that the trees are portraying vivid colors of yellow orange and red. Further up north there have even been instances of snow!

On September 23rd the world experienced the equinox, one of two times of the year when the day was about as long as the night. I say about because the equinox is actually an instance where the Earths tilt toward the sun is at a right angle and both poles (not magnetic) are equally parallel to the sun.

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So what does that mean for us turfers? Well, it means that we are heading for darker times and will have to start thinking of that flashlight on the bike. For those who turf in dimly lit areas, perhaps an upgrade is a good choice. There are some nice flashlights with an intensity well over 500 lumen but I recommend that you check the specs. Most of these lights need special battery packs which might not be included and some lights only have one button so you have to cycle through the intensity levels. For us that do a lot of turfing on foot it is a good idea to wear reflectors so the crazy cyclists won't run you over when trying to beat you to the zones. And for the car turfers, don't forget to check your lights so that they all work.

Here's a cool reflector vest!

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Buy it here: WorkerSupply

Between October 25th and 26th daylight savings will occur, or actually the clock will be returned to normal and noon will more or less occur at noon. In Sweden the clock repeats 02:00 so one second after 02:59:59 we will experience another 02:00. For other times zones and countries the actual time might differ but in Europe it's the same day at least.

This means that you will have a whole two hours to get the Dark Ninja medal if the programming works as it should. It also means that if you are attempting on getting "El Staminatore", one should technically be able to do it in 25 hours instead of 24! Don't quote me on that though since the programming might work differently


Speaking of October 25th. A closed event is being held in Linköping for people living in Östergötland. So why not sign up for the event. More details here: http://goo.gl/PTTDly


School and work is on most peoples minds and not many events are happening apart from the interesting phenomena with gym teachers holding mini events at schools, it's become quite the thing! Lastly, check out Turf 24 the best source of information on Turf apart from turfgame.com and they have just celebrated one year of writing world class turf news!

Stay safe,

//StarDust, Sweden