Turf insider September 2014

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Back to work[edit]

Summer is coming to an end and for most people the vacation is over and the daily chores consist of work or school. But for us turfers, it means that we have a fully charged phone and get up an hour earlier than everyone else so we can grab a few zones before we get to our morning destination! On the way home, forget buying milk, for many of us in more active towns it's a frenzy getting just a few zones on the way home. Careful planning and tactics are key to get those extra points.

Round winners[edit]

This round has shown that new talents are popping up all the time. None of the top three have won a round medal previously so give it up for Pilgrim, Blixtenkga, and MasterChef! Both Pilgrim and Blixtenkga were seen on the map in the final minutes, however Blixtenkga had no chance of catching up to Pilgrim who managed to gather an impressive 902 075 points. Blixtenkga scored 764 093 points and MasterChef ended up with 687 953 points. Put your arms out like the Turf logo for these three!

Two 10 millions[edit]

Turf 24 reports that Snusmumriken has passed the epic score of 10 million points being the first one to reach that marker. Also, this month Turf can proudly say that 10 million takeovers were recorded, only four years after the official beta release! At 08:24:38 local time (Sweden) on the 6th September Wsnurr was the one to make this grand takeover and the reward is an Android smartwatch!

August events[edit]

As usual there are lots of exciting things going on in the Turf universe. We've had three events during August in Sweden. The first one was in the beginning of the month in Jönköping called Turf Open Jönköping (TOJ) 2014 where over 70 turfers participated in the two part competition. In TOJ 2014 you could namely compete in teams as well as alone, pretty awesome! The winner of the singles was Thorre who managed to collect 1 730 points by taking 98 zones and the team that won was MMS consisting of Madmajk, magnfalt, and Snorloskan!

In Kalmar they managed to gather over 100 turfers to compete in the stressful challenge called Turf Championship Kalmar. The winner of this contest was CykelTurbo who gathered 2101 points by visiting 115 zones and travelling 28.8 km as the crow flies.

Up north in Umeå the Summer Classic was held. 24 brave turfers competed for this epic event. MarresmacK managed to grab the first prize by taking 91 zones and collecting 1637 points. Interestingly enough MrDinco came second with 1576 points, just 61 points behind. However, the number of takeovers for this proud competitor was 92! Just goes to show that tactics and a bit of luck are required to win in Turf.

Nationwide Newscast[edit]

The first nationwide newscast on TV in Sweden of Turf has finally appeared. TV4 was first to do this and you can watch it here! TV4 talks about how pupils are using Turf as a sports event during school hours.

”We will continue to make the game even more friendly for schools. Less data consumption and special events for sports lessons are just around the corner”, say the creators of Turf on the official Facebook page.

Coming up[edit]

So what's happening in September? Well, if you have some free time you should find your way to Västerås on the 27th and participate in the Västerås Zonrace 2014. In the official forum thread you can read that turfers on foot are welcome but won't have a chance against cyclists and that motorized vehicles are prohibited. Nothing about horses though so if you happen to be a good rider...

Have in mind that this is a closed event which means that you have to register in time to participate (26th September, 16:00 GMT+2). The event is free but contributions are welcome. Read more here!

Stay safe[edit]

Just to bring up some safety tips, no matter if you're the casual turfer or a hardboiled spandex turfer, have fun and respect the traffic rules. In case of an emergency, dial the emergency number first and afterwards, feel free to contact other turfers through the chat, we're a friendly bunch of folks! Good luck in September!

//StarDust, Sweden